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IJAREM: Volume 03 - No. 10, 2017


1. Effect of Load & Speed Variation on the Performance of Aluminum Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing System
Jagjit S. Maan, R. K. Awasthi, Niranjan Singh
The increasing trend towards high power output, high-speed and low power loss machines imposes greater demand on the reliability of the hydrodynamic bearing operating with extreme film thickness. Bearing being an important part of rotary machinery not only transmits the power from one end to other end but also acts as a support for stability and frictionless rotation of shaft. In most of the fluid film bearing applications involving high load result in various problems like wear-tear and vibrations leading to low service life and poor performance of bearing. In the current study, the effect of load and speed on the hydrodynamic performance of journal bearingis analyzed. An Aluminium bearing is used for the experimental work. The experimental work is performed on the DUCOM journal bearing test rig machine with a capability to operate in the speed having range from 500rpm -3000rpm and load ranging from 500-3000 kg respectively. The readings are recorded for the film thickness and maximum pressure of fluid film by the variation of the speed and load on the bearing. It was observed that the fluid film having very significant role in the design of hydrodynamic journal bearing is most affected by the speed.


2. Customer Preference Towards Store Selection Criteria of Big Bazaar: A case study of Patna City
Dr. Aditya Kumar Jha, Pro. Shishir Kumar Choudhary
Customer service has to be a team effort and not just the responsibility of employees who deal with the public directly. Providing good customer service is a vital part of managing a business. Patna market is a highly competitive market with large number of players in both the organized & the unorganized sector. Big Bazaar is a from of discount store. The company operates three different store across Patna and caters to the varied needs of the dynamic population. In order to gain competitive advantage, the organisation must be constantly updated with the latest trends & change in the market, formulate new strategies for survival & sustained growth. This study aims at enhancing the brand value of Big Bazaar by focusing on providing better service & Satisfaction to the customers through enriched customer relationships & awareness, competitor analysis, demographic analysis & preference of the customers and understanding of a better advertising strategy. This study is instrumental in understanding the shopping pattern of the customers, their preference & perception and the most effective media for advertisement, which will further help in delivering more value propositions to the customers. The primary objective of this paper is to study the store selection criteria for apparels at big Bazaar, a leading apparel retailer in Patna.


3. Study of outcome of steel slag inclusion on properties of silica fume blended cement concrete
Nitin Verma, Er. Vedpal, Er. Ravinder & Sandeep Nasier
As we realize that there are numerous quantities of by-products like, steel slag, silica fume, fly ash, etc, and so forth that are created amid the generation or the assembling of material like steel, silicon metal, and so on as a waste material. In India, the creation of steel slag is around 12 million tons in the steel enterprises and we can use in our solid as a useful supplementary cementetious material. Cement is most normally and generally utilized building material utilized as a part of all around the globe. Concrete is the mixture of cement, sand, aggregates (fine and coarse), and water. The use of cement is ceaselessly expanding because of which there is an incredible impact on natural resources. For lessening this significant issue, we ought to take the materials that can substitute the characteristic assets. In this way, we are going to utilize Steel slag and silica fume which is a modern by product acquired after the generation of steel and silicon metal individually.
The production of steel is connected with the liberation of solid waste materials like slag. The generation of solid waste material is around 29 million tons every year. In fact, numerous by items and solid squanders can be utilized as a part of cement blends as aggregates, sand and cement substitution, contingent upon their compound and physical portrayal, if enough treated. In steel industry, steel slag having attractive qualities and can be utilized as coarse aggregates and additionally fine aggregates in concrete development.
The fundamental ability of slag is to refine the steel and to assimilate the oxides which are shaped as an after effect of de-oxidation amid steel generation. Silica fume is a side product of delivering silicon metal or ferro silicon composites and it is otherwise called Micro silica or miniaturized scale silica. A standout among the most helpful uses for silica smoke is in cement due to its substance and physical properties; it is an exceptionally reactive pozzolana. Concrete containing silica smoke can have high quality and can be exceptionally strong along with durability. Use of these kinds of supplementary materials decreases the ecological contamination as they are all the waste products of liberation of some major compound in addition they improve the properties of the material like concrete in fresh and hydrated state. The properties of concrete like strength, durability and so on predominantly rely on the nature of the material utilized as a part of undertaken project. To examine the the quality of concrete for design configuration reason the compressive quality and flexural quality are the two essential attributes. Along these lines, in my task work utilized 4 diverse rates of steel slag with consistent rate of silica fume as a supplementary material with fine aggregate and bonding material (cement) respectively. The different rates of steel slag are 40%, 45%, 50% and 55% and while consistent rate of silica fume is 10%. The consistent rate in silica fume in light of the fact that from past undertakings through different studies that at 10% of supplanting of silica fume with cement gives best result. In the undertaking we decide the impact of silica fume on the steel slag concrete.


4. Applications of distribution function analysis of flow and connectivity in non-directed graphs for shortest path findings through the mathematical modelling of Floyd's algorithm
P.Kamal Devi, G.Eswara Prasad, V.S.Mathu Suresh
Now a days graph theoretical models are most important in various applications in different fields. It is used to study the characteristics of molecules and atoms. The important advantages of graph theory is to calculate the actor‟s prestige in sociology. Routing is one vital application in computer science which is achieved through graph theory. It is one of the important problems in information forwarding from one point to another point in communication networks. So, it is evaluated through shortest path routing algorithm to transfer the information. A prominent amount of research has been evolved in seeking the solution for many problems in graph theory. Usually, some factors can be predetermined in the directed graphs such as vertices and edges. But, it is difficult to predetermine the vertices and edges in undirected graphs. The tentative variables such as connectivity and flow represents the correctness of distribution function. The number of complexity and searches of the procedure will be increased in the network, if number of nodes get increased. This paper aims to derive a mathematical modelling to find a shortest path distance based on Floyd‟s algorithm, which is applied for determining the flow, connectivity and distribution function in non-directed graphs. The different attributes in connectivity analysis can be applied for improving the real time network performance.


5. Seasonal Variations in Drinking water quality of some of the bore well waters in Hyderabad metro city after construction of the metro pillars
Lakshmi Prasanna M, C. Mahendar, L. K. Mahalakshmi
The current study has been made for the investigation of certain seasonal variations of various water quality parameters in drinking water from 5 zones of Hyderabad metro city after construction of metro pillars. Each zone 10 samples from bore wells collected during the year 2012-2017 analyzed various parameters such as PH, EC, DO, Alakalinity, Chloride, TDS, Total Hardness, Calcium, Magnesium, And Sulphate etc.
Before 2012 the same Zones bore well water samples analyzed for the above parameters and after construction of pillars again samples were taken in the same regions and observed lot of changes in the parameters.
Certain parameters were higher than permissible limit recommended by WHO &BIS, in this study we noticed during and construction the bore well water quality has changed
Water is elixir of human life. It is a single source for human existence. Ground water is a major source of fresh water, which fulfills about 97% of fresh water requirements. Last several decades, it has become a confronting environmental issue i.e., Ground water quality is worst. The quality of the water is main concern for human welfare. It is directly related to human as well as environmental life. Under ground water, quality depends upon geological origin and presence of chemical substances as studied by number of workers.
Hyderabad is the hi-tech industrial city, suffering from various pollution problems. Day to day various developmental activities in major sectors like transportation, industrial establishment, urban sector expansion etc, are polluting the surface and ground water. Ground water is highly susceptible, to pollution due to natural as well as anthropogenic activities. There are some other natural events, which leads to ground water pollution are amount of rainfall, climate, depth of water table, soil texture, filtration rate etc.
Major part of Hyderabad city has been damaged by the innovation of transport system that is metro rail project. A part from the benefits we are getting by this metro rail system, many damages in those areas are done to the environment. One of it is, the quality, the color of the ground water has been drastically changed. Lot of pollution reached even to the ground water level. The other is the people of the Hyderabad suffered a lot, due to the traffic, changes in the U-turns and water accumulations because of rains. Another reason, for this water pollution is domestic and industrial waste. In some studies, it was found that, 80% of the pollution is because of domestic waste.


6. Material Modification for Flexible Pavement Using Acrylic Resin
Thilak Gowda N, Shivasharanappa, Karthik S, Sushma R, Sridhar R
Acrylic resins are a group, related to thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic substances derived from acrylic acid, meth acrylic acid or other related compounds.Increasing traffic loading and volumes on roads have led to the use of polymer modified binders to improve the performance of bitumen in terms of strength, durability, and resistance to rutting. The effect of adding Acrylic resin with different molecular weights can change the asphalt properties. The achieved improvement was found to be dependent on polymer molecular weight. Moreover, the results explained that the compatibility between Acrylic resin and asphalt binder is improved upon further aging especially with low molecular weight polymer. The experimentation at several institutes indicated that acrylic resin can be utilized as binding material for various activities. The use of acrylic resin in road construction is based on Economic, Technical and Ecological criteria. If these acrylic resins can be suitably utilized in road construction, the flexible pavement problems like stripping of bitumen from aggregate, melting of bitumen at high temperature, rutting, fatigue, cracks can be minimized to a large extent.


7. Experimental Study on Concrete by Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Demolished Fly Ash Brick Powder
Muppalla Narendra
This project deals with comparative study on obtained compressive strengths between normal concrete (0% replacement aggregate) and concrete made by replacing with demolished fly ash brick powder at different percentages. This experiential study presents the variation in the strength of concrete when replacing fine aggregate by demolished fly ash brick powder from 0% to 100% in steps of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. M25 grade of concrete were taken for this experimental study for more % replacing the demolished fly ash brick powder. The compressive strength of concrete cubes at the age of 7, 14 and 28 days were obtained at room temperature. From test results it was found that the obtained results of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% are more than 0% replacement of recycled fine aggregate. The maximum compressive strength is obtained only at 50% replacement of demolished fly ash brick powder at room temperature. This result gives a clear picture that demolished fly ash brick powder can be utilized in concrete mixtures as a good substitute for natural river sand giving higher strength.


8. Learnings and Managerial Implications from Comparative Analysis of Eminent Women in Mahabharata
Dr. Shruti D Naik
The paper focuses on lierature review on the various books available in Mahabharatha.It then explores the strengths and weaknesses of Gandhari,Kunti and Draupadi.It further puts forth the learnings and managerial implications from comparative analysis of the above mentioned eminent women in Mahabharatha.


9. Material Modification for Flexible Pavement Using Polyamide Granules
Sai Krishna K, Rohith C H, Syed Hussain Pasha, Vani C E, Dr Sridhar R
Polyamides are à group, related to thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic substances derived from Amide groups. In India, flexible pavements with bituminous surfaces are widely used. Due to increased traffic intensity of roads, overloading of commercial vehicles and temperature variation of pavements due to climatic changes leads to formation of various distresses like rutting, shoving, bleeding, cracking and potholing of bituminous surfacing. Due to high temperature, bitumen becomes very soft in summer and brittle in winter. Also, in a developing country like India, roadway construction is taking place at a very high pace which require large demand of construction material that too eco-friendly and economical. Several Studies have revealed that properties of bitumen and bituminous mixes can be modified with addition of certain additives and the bitumen premixed with these additives/modifiers is known as "modified bitumen". The present paper aims for use of modified bitumen by using polyamides for road construction. The polyamide mix shows better binding property, stability, density, more resistant to water and eco-friendly.


10. Investigating Barriers in Renewable Energy Investment in Sub Saharan Afric
Mohamed Diyad Elmi
Sub-SaharanAfrica's record on electricity generation is dismal, many of the household in rural Sub-Saharan Africa are not connected to electricity. Chronic power shortages are constant threat to many. Comparing electricity generation in Sub-Saharan Africa to that of Korea shows that Korea has the equivalent power to that of Sub-Saharan Africa. This research will investigate the main barriers in renewable energy investment in Sub-Saharan Africa by considering selected countries within Sub-Saharan. The independent power producers and Feed-in tariffs are the two main factors assessed and analyzed so as to solve the constant problems of electricity barriers. The issue of IPPs is a major concern when it comes to electricity generation as most of Sub-Saharan population lack clean electricity. 80% of rural in Sub-Saharan Africa are without electricity, this is instigated by lack of enough IPPs and poor tariff structure. The current status of IPPs performance in terms of improvement in Sub-Saharan Africa is still low and this resulted poor technical and commercial utility performance. For instance a country like Kenya, the issue of blackout still exist even after the country increased its demand. Recently, the Ugandan government started ways to introduce energy portfolio to improve its energy sector. Few Sub-Saharan adopt Feed-in tariffs, in Kenya FiT is mainly applied in small renewable energy projects of up to 10 MW installed capacity connected to the grid. For wind, the standardized FIT in 0.11US$/kWh for installed capacity of between 0.5-10 MW. When the capacity of wind energy installed is 0.5 MW the standardized FIT is 0.105US$/kWh. For hydro 0.0825US$/kWh. Biomass has 0.10 USD/kWh, solar (grid) accounts for 0.12USD/kWh. The speedy expansion of renewable energy in sub-SaharanAfrica depends on reducing the current reliance on fossil fuel, reducing monopoly on state-owned utility, use of proper application of feed-in tariffs, the introduction of independent power producers through independent regulatory authorities.


11. Understanding the Importance of Labour Management Relation in Nigeria
Musa Mudi Mohammed
Disputes have a common origin in employees‟ dissatisfaction with some aspects of their terms and conditions of employment. Where dissatisfaction is being expressed, but not in a procedural way carries with it the idea that the complaint has been ignored or unfairly treated. Economic policies introduced by Nigerian government such as Structural Adjustment Programme, removal of oil subsidy were greeted with a nationwide strike by various labour unions; this was done to express their dissatisfaction with the policies. The aim of this study is to examine labour and management relationship and to provide means of achieving and ensuring industrial harmony at work. The study is qualitative in nature. Therefore, documented facts from literature were used. The study concluded and recommended that if the management is in constant communication with the labour union and involves them in formulating the best strategies to handle disturbances, the management and labour can maintain a good, conflict-free working relationship.


12. A Review of Corporate Governance in Nigeria Business Environment
ZUBERU, O Emmanuel, MUSA, Zainab Ogudu, ZUBERU, Nda Noel
It is generally agreed that weak Corporate Governance has been responsible for some recent corporate failures in Nigeria. Indeed Corporate Governance has taken a central stage in business discourse. It is against this backdrop that this paper set to review Corporate Governance in Nigeria business environment. The paper review opinions on corporate governance as it covers a wide range of economic phenomena of a nation. It discusses corporate governance as a means through which corporate bodies utilize their funds to generate financial wealth for shareholders as well as social wealth for the community in which they are located. Different theories postulated by different scholars on corporate governance were fully reviewed. The paper also reviewed the principles of corporate governance. The challenges of corporate governance with focus in Nigeria were also reviewed. Finally, the paper concludes by putting forward some policy opinions and recommendations among other things that conscious efforts should be made to tackle the issue of corruptions in Nigeria business environment as corruption and politics have consistently undermined the principle of corporate governance in Nigeria.


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