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IJAREM: Volume 02 - No. 02, 2016


Sachindeep Kaur, Navneet Bawa
Image compression has become very important tool in digital image processing. The goal behind is to save the amount of memory required to save the image(s) or to utilize network bandwidth in efficient manner. Image compression can be divided into two parts i.e. spatially and transform based. Transform-based compression is extensively used for image compression. But transform based methods may introduce blocking artifacts in the output image. The compression may also results in ringing artifacts around edges. The ringing artifacts are in general more difficult to characterize and remove than the block transform compression artifacts. The overall objective of this paper is evaluate shortcomings of earlier techniques and finding the suitable solution for the same.


2. A Review On Numerical Analysis and Parametric Study of Cross Flow Turbine
Anuj Agarwal , Dr.Vilas Warudkar
There is a growing interest in utilizing tidal current energy for power generation which has led to extensive research on this source of renewable energy. The work presented in this project aims to study the tidal current energy extraction using a cross-flow turbine. The bi-directional flow of tidal currents is used to drive a uni-directional cross-flow turbine. Thus in present study cross-flow turbine studied is placed in an augmentation channel, having a nozzle and a diffuser. The performance of the device is studied numerically using the commercial ANSYS Fluent code while the model is being built using SOLIDWORKS. The internal flow characteristics of the turbine are studied for various cases. Results of the numerical analysis are presented in terms of pressure contours, streamlines and velocity vectors. A good agreement was observed between literature and present study .A comparative study has been performed by changing the turbine inlet profile from parabolic to invert parabolic in order to study the impact on pressure and velocity change. Moreover a parametric study of variations in TSR ratio and radius of blades is done for their effects on Power coefficient and Turbine Torque. The tip speed ratio was varied from 0.85- 1.4.The analysis from above study can be used for enhancement of performance of cross flow turbine.


3. Behaviour of Exterior and Interior RC Beam Column Joint Under Cyclic Loading
Athira M Justin, Neenu Joy
The objective of the present study is to compare the behaviour of exterior and interior beam-column joint under different loading conditions. G+4, G+9, G+14 etc. structures in the zone III is analyzed. The earthquake analysis and design are carried out by IS 1893 and IS 13920. IS 456 and SP 34 are used for detailing and designing. Each load is applied to the three models viz. G+4, G+9, G+14 respective to exterior and interior joints.Present work involves a study of different types of beam column junction under different loading conditions using the software STAAD PRO.The test results indicate that the properties of exterior and interior joints show similar results in each loading condition. A comparative study with exterior and interior joint will be studied with different parameters like displacement, stiffness, storey drift and shear stress.


1.1. The pace of progress in Management Concepts & Practices, like all other fields, has been very fast in the twentieth century, so also its applications, although the thought process can be traced back to 1300 BC from an interpretation of an early Egyptian Papyri. The Parable of Confucius, Scriptures of Chanakya, and lessons of Zoroastrianism, inter alia, spelt out some of the Management concepts.


5. Smart governance: a case study on the primary and secondary education in the city of Makassar
Sangkala and Hamsina
Cities in the parts of the world is currently face the very complex, particularly those related to how to meet the needs of the importance of health services, education, purchasing power of low public, growth and a population of the city that is getting are unstoppable as well as by ethnic background, religion, social and economic diverse.In order to answer that is that then arose a new conception which is called by smart city, which is includes smart economy, smart people, smart governance, smart mobility, smart environment and smart living.
As for the focus of this study only on the smart governance, that is an effort to improve the level of community welfare through innovation public service by use information technology so the implementation of more efficient and better because resting on the community participation in decision-making, public services and social as well as transparency in administering government.The main question asked in this research is what is the level the application of smart governance in the plane of primary and secondary education in the city Makassar.
To answer the question of this research used approach and research methodology quantitative with a descriptive analysis. Research results shows that the level the application of smart governance are at the level of between moderate and high


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