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IJAREM: Current Issue (Volume 05 - No. 02, 2019)


1. Context-Dependent Data Envelopment Analysis and an Application
Mervenur Pala, Talat Şenel
Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is a method for identifying the efficient frontier of decision making units (DMUs) which has multiple outputs and multiple inputs. DEA forms a unique efficient frontier by DMUs and it measures the DMUs’ relative efficiency respect to the this frontier. Context-dependent DEA is an approach which a set of DMUs are evaluated against a particular evaluation context. In context-dependent DEA, different efficient frontiers are formed by DMUs, each of efficient frontiers are used for relative attractiveness and progress measurements as evaluation context. In this study, we used the Social Insurance Institution’s Provincial Directorates database for the year 2012. We explained that a context-dependent DEA which measures relative attractiveness and progress of provincial directorates on a specific performance level against exhibiting poorer and better performance are chosen as the evaluation context, respectively. In this study number of employees, number of establishments, province population as input variables; number of insured and retired are taken as output variables. Input oriented context-dependent DEA model is used for relative attractiveness and progress measurements. Additionally, the reference sets are formed to the provincial directorates located in a specific efficiency level. Thus, regarding of the closest benchmark targets respect to their performance provincial directorates take an opportunity to the improve their performance step by step.















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