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IJAREM: Current Issue (Volume 03 - No. 11, 2017)


1. A Survey on Hybrid Routing Protocols to Deploy Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Dr J Rajeshwar
Mobile ad-hoc networks is self-configurable temporary network for information interchange which is set up in emergency and need based situation. With dynamic movement of nodes routing became critical issue in MANET. In this paper various routing protocols available for MANET are discussed with their particular merits and demerits and exclusively discussed about hybrid routing protocols such as ZRP, ZHLS, M-ZHLS, SURZE and SHARP. The architecture of the ZRP is presented in detailed describing intra-zone, inter-zone, boarder cast routing.


2. An Analysis of the Customer Experiences, Customer Involvement To Develop an Innovative Product and its impact on the Organization Performance in Apparel Industry
H.V. Nishantha Ekanayake, Professor Kennedy Gunawardana
The purpose of this research study is to analysis customer experience, customer involvement in developing an innovative product and its impact on performance of the organization. Researcher aims to investigate whether the apparel industry believes there is a need for great customer experience and involvement, and to find out perceptions of the professionals in the industry have towards developing an innovative product and what impact these factors can create to the performance of the organization. A questionnaire was sent to12 apparel brands Employees covering merchandising, Product development, Designing, Research and innovation, Business development and marketing. The results of the study indicated that they believe in customer experience and involvement in an early stage of product development process. Also examined factors such as Customer experience, Customer involvement, develop an innovative product and firm's employee creativity make an impact to performance of the organization.


3. Sustainability of Corporate Governance practices on Organization's Financial Performance in Selected Companies of Colombo Stock Exchange
Hibbathul Careem Fathima Siyana
This research paper examines the corporate governance on organization's financial performance in selected companies of Colombo stock exchange and sample of this study is the top 45 companies of the Colombo stock exchange, and sample size was 45 company's annual reports for the period of four years (2012 -2015) and observation was 180. There were three objectives for this research paper and two objectives were achieved through quantitative method and the third objective was achieved by qualitative method. E views (9 version) software has been chosen to analyze the data. There are two types of variables have used as independent variable and dependent variable. Independent variables are named as Size of Board of Directors, Independent Board of Directors and Chief Executive Duality (CEO). Dependent variable is named as Return on Asset (ROA). To test the hypothesis hausement test was used and got the result as, null hypothesis was rejected and alternative hypothesis was accepted. So, it stated that there is a relationship in between independent variables and the dependent variable. The quantitative results are based on correlation and regression model.


4. Investigation of intensity laser effects on environment
Arash Rezaei, Hamid Motavalibashi, Milad Farasat
In this paper different types of weather conditions which effect laser beam quality are being study. atmospheric conditions such as rain, snow, fog and dust are discussed. Atmospheric turbulence effect on size and intensity of laser beam is described and background optical power relations and received power by receiver are presented. Ground target reflection coefficient and related charts are presented.

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