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IJAREM: Current Issue (Volume 10 - No. 03, 2024)


1. Role of Government in Controlling Currency in the Market
Yash Garg, Ms Madhulika S Khare
The role of government in controlling currency in the market has been a topic of discussion for many year. The currency market is an essential aspects of international trade, as it provides a medium for exchange between different countries. The exchanges rates of different currencies fluctuate based on various factors such as economic stability, geopolitical events, and market demand. Governments play a vital role in controlling currency in the market through various measures such as monetary policies, foreign exchange controls, and interventions. This reports aims to examine the different ways in which government scan controls currency in the markets and the effectiveness of these methods. Additionally, we will compare the role of the government in controlling currency in the market in present times with that in ancient India and analyzes the role of governments in controlling currency in the market, including its impact on the global economy and the effectiveness of different measures used.


2. Perceptions of Educational Leaders in Relation to the Development and Implementation of Educational Policies within the Educational Organization and the Evaluation of Their Effectiveness
Elissavet Louka, Despoina Androutsou and Adamos Anastasiou
This research study aims to explore the views of educational leaders in relation to the educational policies developed in the educational community and their effectiveness. The sample of this study constitutes of 105 educational leaders of primary, secondary and post-secondary education from all geographical areas of Greece. From the statistical analyzes of the findings it emerged that educational leaders encourage the development and implementation of educational policies within the educational organization and more specifically they focus on the school policy for creating the school learning environment and to a lesser extent on school policy for teaching, which they evaluate as particularly effective for improving the development of the educational community.









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