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IJAREM: Volume 02 - No. 03, 2016


Ahi Bhusan Chatterjee
To–day Indian Paper Industry is passing through in bad stage. Many paper mills are closed, some are running in loss and only some big ones are in good shape. For this sorry stage of this Industry there are strong reasons. Similar situation may rise in any developing country. Now, we have to find out ways and means to overcome such crucial situation. There are various seminars on this issue. It is true paper industry need modern technology and modern machinery. But these will require huge finance and more time. Together with all these one more effort is to be done which I realised in my paper mill life for 50 years.


2. Effect of crisis communication plans on crisis aversion in selected Nairobi Securities Exchange Companies
Dr Anne Kalei
This study aimed to establish the extent to which publicly listed companies in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)were adequately prepared for crisis situations by engaging in proactive crisis communication planning. Itlooked at the practice of crisis communication as key component of corporate communication. Corporates will be faced with a crisis one time or the other. When this happens, the corporates are forced to act. For some, strategies have already been put in place on how to roll out crisis communication plans, while others deal with the crisis in an ad hoc fashion. The study sought to review the various crisis situations that NSE-listed corporates have gone through. It additionally sought to find out if NSE-listed corporates had written crisis communication plans. The study alsoevaluated the various strategies employed by NSE-listed companies during crisis communication in a bid to establish best practice for proactive crisis communication for NSE-listed companies. A systematic random sampling was carried out. Self-administered questionnaires were issued to the respondents and SPSS (version 21) software was used to analyze the data. The study found out that NSE-listed companies were actually engaged in proactive crisis communication with written crisis communication plans and proactive non-crisis stakeholder relations being undertaken in order to draw goodwill from stakeholders during an actual crisis situation. The study, however, recommends the need for the listed companies to carry out periodic review and test runs of their crisis communication strategies.


Okoughenu, Sunday Azeita, Domma, S.O
This study examined the IPSASs adoption and financial reporting in Nigeria. The objective of this study is; determining the impact of IPSAS adoption on economic substance, also to ascertain the contribution in enhancing Transparency and Accountability of Federal Government financial reports from the perspective of; preparer (Accountant General of the Federation), certifier (Auditor General for the Federation) and users (Tax – payers) of financial reports. Stratified Random Sampling method was adopted and primary data used to elicit responses with 60 structured questionnaires administered. Findings revealed that it is perceived that IPSASs adoption and implementation will improve economic substance (relevance, reliability, comparability and understandability), Transparency and Accountability of government financial reports in Nigeria. The study recommended that all stakeholders should endeavour to have full implementations to reap the benefits of the global accounting standards, thereby resulting better decision making by management, governance, and other interested parties. The study recommends; future research to compare the degree of economic substance of the financial reports between the pre and post-IPSASs adoption in Nigeria.


Otalu J.A & Ojo A.S
The study examined the determinants of sectorial growth in Nigerian economy between 1980 and 2012. Sectorial growth is expressed as a function of determinants of sector's output growth variables and other relevant variables by literature. The explanatory variables used are labour, capital, interest rate, exchange rate, gross domestic product, trade openness, lending rate and private sector credit. The study applied panel data analysis to assess the existence of specific factor determinants of sectorial growth, cross interdependence of sectors and consistency of the panel estimation using fixed effect, random effect and least square dummy variable (LSDV), while Hausman test was used to test the consistency of the use of either fixed and random effect. Finding from the study shows that there exist positive relationship between sectorial growth and explanatory variables except the inflationary rate that shows negative relationship with sectorial growth which is in conformity with the aprori expectation. Only labour and exchange rate are significant while other explanatory variables are not significant. The SYS-GMM shows the robustness of the estimation result in which all the variables appears to be significant. The policy implication is that for holistic policy to be made in all these sectors, effort must be made to control the openness of the economy reasonably so as to increase the output of the sector in Nigeria. In conclusion, while implementing monetary policy that incorporates effective deregulation it should not be tight with overvalued currency.


5. Extraction of sinus using fuzzy c-means clustering using MATLAB GUI tools
Sinusitis with severe infections can be treated with medications or surgery. Imaging techniques is widely used in detecting sinusitis as they are considered as less intrusive. The commonly used imaging techniques are X-ray, CT scan and MRI scan. The scans obtained from these imaging techniques are to be interpreted by doctors manually where the problem of inconsistency in diagnosing the disease lies. Image segmentation can be used as aid for diagnosis. Other than manual and semi-automatic segmentation there is another approach is the Discrete Curvelet Transform which is a new representation of images. This approach is based on the idea of representing a curve as superposition of functions of length and width obeying the the Curvelet Scaling Law. The simulations are done with the help of MATLAB and GUI. The data used in the form of 30 slice CT-images of sinuses obtained from Medall laboratories, KGH, Visakhapatnam.


Assessment of blood vessels in human eye allows earlier detection of eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Digital image processing techniques play a vital role in retinal blood vessel detection , Several image processing methods and filters are in practice to detect and extract the attributes of retinal blood vessels such as length ,width, pattern and angles. Automated Digital image processing techniques and methods has to undergo more of improvisation to achieve precise accuracy to study the condition of Retinal Vessels especially in cases of Glaucoma and retinopathy; we have explained various Templates based matched filters, Thresholding Methods, Segmentation methods, and functional approaches to isolate the blood vessels.


7. Effects of Varying Concentrations of Chloride (Sodium Chloride) on the Compressive Strength of Laterized Concrete
Agbede, O.A., Akanbi, O.T., Oluokun, G.O. and Alomaja, J.A.
Compressive strength, one of the important characteristics of concrete can be influenced by different foreign materials present in the constituents of the concrete. This paper demonstrates the influence of sodium chloride (NaCl) on compressive strength of Laterised Concrete (LATCON). Several studies have established the effect of sea water on concrete strength but none of the study has categorically specified the level of concentration at which the strength is defective. This study bridge the gap by examining the variation of concrete compressive strength at different levels of concentrations of salt in the curing bath. The study used LATCON being a cost effective concrete. 72 concrete cubes were produced using 1:2:4 mix ratio with laterite as a fine aggregate. The cubes were cured in NaCl solution of varying concentrations from 0g/l to 50g/l at 10g/l intervals. The compressive strength of the laterized concretes was determined after 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. The results showed that compressive strength of the concrete increase with increase in curing age. The strength also increases with increase in salt concentration in the curing bath, upto 30g/l salt concentration and then starts to decrease. The study thus reveals that NaCl could have a deteriorative effect on the compressive strength of LATCON at higher concentrations. However, this does not pose a major threat if the concrete would be used as a lightweight concrete.


8. Short-Term Loans Performance and Financial Sustainability of Micro-Finance Institutions in Imenti North Sub-County, Kenya
Agnes Kamba, Dr. Rita Kagwiria Lyria , Alexander Wachira, Justus Nderitu Maina
The study aimed at assessing the influence of short-term loans performance on financial sustainability of Microfinance Institutions in Imenti North Sub-county, Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive research design. The target population consisted of 33 respondents. Self administered structured questionnaires were administered by the researcher. Descriptive statistics and correlation analysis were used to analyse the data. It was established that MFIs offer short term loans such as emergency loans, education loans, farming loans, micro loans, salary advance and insurance premium financing. It was also established that MFIs carry out thorough analysis of the potential borrowers prior to disbursing the loans. It was further established that returns on short term loans are significantly correlated to the total short term loans.


9. Contribution to the epiphytic lichens inventory in the township A of Mamora forest
ELRHZAOUI Ghita, DIVAKAR Pradeep Kumar, CRESPO Ana, TAHIRI Hikmat & EL ALAOUI-FARIS Fatima Ezzahra
38 species of epiphytic lichens have been sampled in township A of the Mamora forest. 13 families have been found, with 10 species belonging to Parmeliaceae, followed by 7 species of Rocellaceae, then 7 species of Physiaceae.


S. Revathi, S.Ranjitha
Web usage mining refers to the automatic discovery and analysis of patterns in click stream and associated data collected or generated as a result of user interactions with Web resources on one or more Web sites. The goal is to capture, model, and analyze the behavioral patterns and profiles of users interacting with a Web site. An important task in any data mining application is the creation of a suitable target data set to which data mining and statistical algorithms can be applied. In this paper we proposed the usage of web pages using two different clustering algorithms such as k-means, and Fuzzy c means (FCM) clustering using MATLAB.


Carolyne Kathambi Kinoti, Dr. Rita Lyria, Dr. Simon M. Rukangu
The primary development goal of any country is to achieve broad based sustainable improvement in the standards of the quality of life of its citizens. The general objective of this study was to examine the effects of job satisfaction on employee performance in the public service of Kenya. The public service and in particular the civil service plays an indispensable role in the effective delivery of public services that are key to the functioning of a state .The performance of employees in the public service has not been satisfactory with numerous complains of poor performance of employees in the public service. This study therefore investigated the relationship between career advancement and employee performance, employee remuneration and its relationship with employee performance and the relationship between employee recognition and employee performance in the Ministry of Education Meru County. The study adopted descriptive research design where the study target populations included all the employees in the ministry of education Meru County. The study used stratified random sampling technique to select the 79 employee respondents comprising of 28 senior officers and 51 junior from whom a questionnaire was used to collect data. The questionnaire was validated using content validity and Reliability was measured by use of Cronbach"s Alpha method a coefficient of 0.863 was obtained implying the research instruments were reliable. The data collected was organized, coded and entered into the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) computer program where descriptive analysis involving means and frequency and cross tabulations was used in the data analysis. The study found that there was significant relationship between the variables there was positive correlation of 0.443 between employee recognition on consistence employee performance. The study found that there was a positive correlation of 0.130 of career advancement on employee performance. Further there was a positive correlation of 0.004 between employee remuneration and employee performance. The researcher recommends the public service to improve the remuneration packages to be competitive and equitable to other organizations this will lead to higher job satisfaction and lead to increase in employee performance.


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