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IJAREM: Volume 04 - No. 02, 2018


1. IOT based Toll Collection System
Pramod Kumar P.M
PayToll system is a project which aims how to make effective and accurate toll collection system which is based on IOT. To avoid the crowd from the tollbooth we are developing the system in which toll will be reducing from wallet automatically and nobody will have wait on tollbooth for pay toll. In this system REG(Registration Number) reader is used for reading the unique REG number of each vehicle. Once the REG number is read, the toll would be cut from the customer’s wallet and then opens the gate. Also the mail would get send to owner of vehicle after each transaction. For the identification of the vehicles, the information of the vehicles is already stored on the central database. The basic advantages of the system is travelling time is decreased, congestion free network, less emissions in toll area and no infrastructure cost is required. This gives a win to win condition for both toll authorities and toll customers.


2. Effects of Static Magnetic Field on Power Output in Silicon Polycrystalline Solar Cell
Ndeto M.P, Kinyua R, Ngaruiya J.M
Abundance of solar energy presents solar PV as the best energy solution for most developing countries to meet the energy needs of their growing population. Solar PV technology is rarely used as the major power source in most countries; this is due to their poor conversion efficiencies which are less than 30% and high production cost. This study reports variance of PV parameters for polycrystalline (pc-Si) module when subjected to a static magnetic field equivalent in magnitude to the earth‟s magnetic field. The magnitude of the magnetic field was varied from 0.00mT to 0.08mT. The Solar cell output current and voltage were obtained under indoor conditions then normalized to outdoor environmental conditions for both Standard Testing Conditions (STC) and Typical Module Operating Temperatures (TMOT). Experimental results showed that maximum power (PMPP) obtainable from the module decreased considerably as a result of an increase in static magnetic field B, hence a decrease in the conversion efficiency (η).This decrease in η corresponds to an increase of 0.26m2on the aperture area per every Kilo-watt of electric power generated from pc-Si module in countries existing along the latitude 500N/S as compared to those found at the Equator 00.










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