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IJAREM: Volume 04 - No. 03, 2018


1. The Effect of Service Quality and Perceived Value on Customer Satisfaction: Case of Toyota Users in South Sulawesi
Sumardi, Musran Munizu, Armaya
This study aims to analyze the effect of the service quality, and perceived value to customer satisfaction of Toyota users in South Sulawesi Province (Makassar City and Pare-Pare City). The population of this research was customers or users of Toyota Car. The total of population is 2,100 people which consists of 1,580 people in Makassar City, and 520 people in Pare-Pare City. Sampling technique was done by using the Simple Random Sampling. Then, number of samples was 296 respondents. Data was analyzed by both statistical descriptive and path analysis. Data is processed by using IBM SPSS and AMOS 23. The results show that services quality have significant effect toward perceived value. Services quality also have significant effect on customer satisfaction. Then, perceived value have significant effect on customer satisfaction, and service quality variable can produce customer satisfaction at higher level through mediation role of perceived value variable. Customer satisfaction is more strongly influenced by the service quality than perceived value.


2. Instability in General Price Level caused by Financial Derivatives (Empirical Evidence from U.K.)
Salman Sarwat, Dr. Syed Shabibul Hasan
Fluctuation in general price levelis considered to have destabilizing effects for economies. In this study, the role derivatives in inflation volatility has been analyzed.UK, an important center for derivatives trading, has been taken as exemplar case. Student t EGARCH model has been applied on the monthly data of UK inflation (CPI of UK, collected from International Financial Statistics – IMF) from 1993M01 to 2016M09. Notional turnover of the exchange traded derivatives of UK capital markets (data collected from BIS Statistics Explorer) has been incorporated in the model as exogenous factor. Result suggests that exogenous factor, last period volatility, long term volatility, and GARCH effect are found significant; whereas leverage effect is found insignificant. Significance of GARCH effect and exogenous factor refers that fluctuation in general price level in UKis not only effected by its own previous period fluctuation but by the UKderivatives trade as well. Since both dependent and exogenous variables are log transformed therefore the relationship is interpreted in in terms of elasticity and It can be said that 1% increase in UK derivatives trade will increase UKprice fluctuation by 0.29%. It can be concluded that there is a role of derivatives trade in enhancing the price fluctuation in UK economy.


3. An Efficient Parallel Prefix Adder for Reverse Converter Design
Athira T G, Sindhu T V
The implementation of residue number system reverse converters based on wellknown regular and modular parallel prefix adders is analyzed. The VLSI implementation results show a significant delay reduction and at the cost of higher power consumption, which is the main reason preventing the use of parallel-prefix adders to achieve high-speed reverse converters in nowadays systems. Hence to solve the high power consumption problem, novel specific hybrid parallel-prefix-based adder components that provide better trade off between delay and power consumption are herein presented to design reverse converters using the BK structure. Then modified using the Han carlson structure for better performance. A methodology is also described to design reverse converters based on different kinds of prefix adders. This methodology helps the designer to adjust the performance of the reverse converter based on the target application and existing constraints


4. Role of Microcontroller in Automation
Niteen Shridhar Mohod
Automation is the key word of today’s era and has many parameters along with controlling the hardware through software. Microcontroller being a completely dedicated and self contained embedded processor chip has enormous applications. It is continuously gaining importance because of its features like speed, efficiency, portability due to small size, accuracy and above all the utility. Microcontrollers can be programmed to control many things surrounding us in a day to day life. It can even control many devices simultaneously and makes the job easy once programmed. Due to limited memory and thereby the program length, generally the microcontrollers are employed as a dedicated processors. Hence the program runtime reduces resulting in time saving which ultimately boost the speed. Today and in coming time, time management is and will be a crucial factor and it such circumstances controlling and accomplishing most of the daily routine tasks will be a challenge and these challenges can be met over by the microcontrollers.


5. Determinants of Management Accounting Practices and its Effect on Performance of Manufacturing Companies (A Contingent Approach)
Danish Iqbal Godil, Syed Shabibul Hasan
With the help of contingency model the researcher has tried to examine the way in which alignment among different contingent variables and MA practices can improve performance of manufacturing sector of Pakistan. Explanatory (causal) research design was utilized in this study. Stratified sampling technique was used to collect primary data of manufacturing corporations of Pakistan through questionnaire. To assess the contingency model of management accounting practices in manufacturing sector of Pakistan, various tests such as reliability along with regression analysis were applied. Total of 7 hypotheses (H1 to H7) were tested out of which 3 were fully supported i.e. structure and competitive environment has a significant impact on Management accounting whereas Management accounting has a significant impact on companies performance. As researcher has not found such type of effort with respect to developing county like Pakistan, therefore, a theoretical progress in knowledge may be accomplished through this research.




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