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IJAREM: Volume 05 - No. 11, 2019


1. The Impact of RMB Exchange Rate System Reform on the Cross-border Business of China's Commercial Banks
Huang Shan, Jiang Dan
With the continuous development of China's economy, the renminbi has become more and more international. In the context of increasingly fierce international trade, the exchange rate risk faced by China's commercial banks is increasing, and the RMB exchange rate system is also undergoing continuous reform. Through the establishment of VAR model, study the gross domestic product (GDP), consumer price index (CPI) and RMB exchange rate. Study the impact of RMB exchange rate changes on cross-border business of commercial banks in China. Combined with the reform of the RMB exchange rate system and the status quo of China's commercial banks' development of RMB cross-border business, this paper proposes corresponding suggestions on how to control higher and higher exchange rate risks in China's commercial banks.


2. Empirical Analysis of China Aluminum Futures Yield Effect Based on GARCH
Huang Shan, Li Zhenqing
The rapid development of China's overall economy will naturally drive the rise of China's aluminum industry, which will inevitably lead to some new achievements in the aluminum industry in various aspects, which not only highlights the continuous improvement of the comprehensive competitiveness of China's aluminum industry, but also reflects in aluminum. The relationship between supply and demand in the market is increasingly balanced. However, compared with developed countries such as the United States and Russia, there are still some gaps in China's aluminum industry. Using GARCH model to carry out GARCH model for the monthly closing price data of aluminum futures in the past 20 years to estimate the yield and variance of aluminum futures, and to understand the relationship between the basic characteristics of aluminum futures' yield volatility and the price and return rate of aluminum futures. The comparison between the models was carried out through experiments, and the best model suitable for studying the yield of aluminum futures was obtained. Finally, through the data analysis to predict the overall development trend of aluminum over time, to find out the current state of China's aluminum industry development and potential threats. Research shows that China's aluminum futures yield has GARCH effect, and predicts that the future aluminum futures yield will decline slightly, so it can give China's aluminum supply and demand situation, aluminum industry comprehensive competitiveness and aluminum industry related system establishment. Provide policy recommendations for policy support.


3. Prediction of coronary artery plaque type based on Neural Network
Peng Lin, Lianxiao Ma
With the aging of Chinese society, coronary heart disease has become one of the most common diseases of heart disease in China. The main cause of coronary heart disease is the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. If a patient develops atherosclerotic plaque and is not treated promptly and effectively, it can eventually lead to an acute myocardial infarction. Therefore, using statistical methods to accurately predict plaque types based on clinical data for clinical treatment can significantly reduce the risk of myocardial infarction. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part is the introduction, which mainly introduces the research background, significance and status of medical coronary plaque. The second part mainly introduces data description and analysis methods; The third part is the experimental steps and results analysis, mainly based on LVQ neural network to predict plaque types based on different risk factor indexes of coronary artery plaque formation, and introduces the knowledge principle of LVQ neural network, the practical modeling operation of this problem, and the use of MATLAB to predict plaque types. At the end of the paper, the results of the practical modeling of the problem were summarized, and Suggestions on how to prevent the formation of coronary artery plaque for clinical treatment were put forward.


4. Study on time for corrosion initiation of reinforced concrete members subjected to chloride induced corrosion
Veena Hegade, Ashwini G
Corrosion is the main problem faced by civil engineers all over the world. Hence numerous researches have been conducted in the field of civil engineering to mitigate this inevitable enemy. Rebar corrosion is a common problem seen in Reinforced Concrete structures which causes deposition of corrosion products on the rebar and that has higher volume compared to steel, causing internal stresses in concrete which ultimately results in cracking of concrete and thus affecting serviceability of the structure.
In this study it is mainly concentrated on corrosion caused due to chloride ingress. To determine the corrosion initiation time for Reinforced Concrete (RC) specimens accelerated corrosion test and Fick‟s second law of diffusion is used. Thus comparing the corrosion initiation time of test specimens with different composition of cementations material obtained experimentally and empirically.


5. Influence of Crane Beams Mass Loss on Their Dynamic Behavior
Leonid Martovitsky, Vasiliy Glushko, Zoja Shanina, Elena Syvachuk
Dynamic properties of driving beams overhead cranes ore, as for the rod with variable in time and along the span of the mass and stiffness of the cross sections. For solving differential equations of transverse vibrations are used Fourier series and Bessel functions.



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