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IJAREM: Volume 05 - No. 12, 2019


1. Sickbed Calling System Based on Single Chip Microcomputer
Xinming MA, Yang LIU
Sickbed Calling System is a special call system, which is used by sanatorium and hospital as a tool to communicate between nursing stuff and patients. It enables hospitalized patients to contact nurses and medical staff in a timely manner and is a necessary equipment used by hospitals to improve the overall level. The quality of the sickbed calling system is directly related to the safety of patients, so all major hospitals attach great importance to the sickbed calling system. It is required to be timely, reliable and accurate, and it is required that its operation is convenient and simple, and can be popularized on a large scale. The sickbed calling system is designed by STC89C52 single chip microcomputer, and the hardware and software are analyzed and designed. In this article, the location of the bed is sent to the master of the monitoring unit through the nRF24L01 wireless transmission unit located in the ward from the computer. When the master computer receives the data sent from the master computer, the LED screen on the master computer displays the sickbed data and broadcasts the voice. When the supervisor notices, the display can be cancelled through the master computer control to realize wireless communication. The system is divided into a slave machine sickbed information detection part and a master machine display broadcast part. The system has stable performance, small area, less material consumption, fast speed and long distance. It is a reasonable application of wireless technology in clinical medicine and is feasible and innovative.


2. Analysis of the Effects of Age Factor on Survival Time in Colorectal Cancer with Kruskal-Wallis Test
Odul Sanaroglu Buyruk, Kamil Alakus
The most important step after a person’s disease is diagnosed is starting the appropriate treatment. If this disease is terminal, the phenomenon of failure in treatment is death. Throughout the research, the time that passes from the diagnosis date of patients to the last observation or to the phenomenon of failure, if it has occurred, is the survival time. In such cases, survival analysis is used to estimate the patient’s survival time or the probability of death. Survival analysis is a flexible method that can also include censored data. The present study discusses colorectal cancer, which is one of the most common cancer types. Since colorectal cancer is most commonly seen in middle aged and older individuals, the association between the disease and age was examined. This study was conducted with Kruskal-Wallis test, which is a survival analysis method, and the results were presented.









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