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IJAREM: Volume 05 - No. 04, 2019


1. An Exploratory Case Study on Bira, the Indian Craft Beer
Dr. Deepa Nair
Of all the alcoholic beverages available, the world‘s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage is Beer. It is the oldest prepared beverage, dating back to the prehistoric times and present in the ancient civilizations of the world. It is said that during the construction of the grand pyramids of Giza, the workers would get 5-6 liters of beer as incentives.Beer in India is well known even before the arrival of Europeans and the Vedas mention a beer like drink called the ‗Sura.‘It was traditionally prepared in India from Rice or Millet. Megesthenes in his work ‗Indica‘ has mentioned about Rice beer in ancient India. Kautilya too talks about two intoxicating rice beer – 'Medaka and Prasanna'













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