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IJAREM: Volume 06 - No. 11, 2020


1. Transformation of Pick-And-Carry Cranes into Robots
Leonid Martovytskyi, Anatolii Sochava, Vasylii Glushko, Zoia Shanina, Olena Syvachuk
The design and operational preconditions for transformation of special hoisting cranes with a rigid suspension of cargo into pick-and-carry cranes-robots have been thoroughly investigated. Position-accuracy, structural, functional-cost and dynamic analyses of main drives of special bridge cranes have been carried out. The results of the study allowed us to consider justified the creation of pick-and-carry cranes-robots as well as redesigning the whole line of existing special cranes into cranes-robots provided they are equipped with automatic control systems. The rather modern concept of combining in a crane-robot generalized displacements from the controlled drives in use, such as transport, and movements with high accuracy of positioning at the expense of introduction of unprofitable degrees of motion has been suggested.















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