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IJAREM: Volume 07 - No. 12, 2021


1. A review on Biomass gasification
Saradhambal. M, Mrs R. chitra, Prathyusha KS
Gasification is a well arranged process to obtain valuable products from biomass with several potential applications, which has received increasing attention over the last decagons. Biomass gasification has been explained. Further development of gasification technology requires innovative and economical gasification methods with high systematic. Various methods of biomass gasification as good as new technologies and recent development are discussed in this paper.


2. Arson epidemic in Kenyan boarding Secondary Schools; is the Government addressing the symptoms and disregarding the epidemic?
Dennis Kinoti Atugi, Joydrine Njeri Njeru
Oxford advanced learners dictionary describes an epidemic as something bad occurring more frequently in a particular place or community. In the recent past, nearly every week, there have been cases of fierce fires in secondary schools leaving a trail of damages and losses. In most cases these fires are blamed on school administration on management of students. This article seeks to ventilate on the issue of the current frequent arsons that have left serious damage to property and loss of lives; the paper seeks to explore the root causes of the arsons and the measures that should be taken by both Government and education stakeholders to address the menace. Boarding secondary schools have experienced the highest and most fatal arsons in Kenya since 1980’s, with day schools recording very minimal if any, this trend has been on the upward scale causing jitters to the school administrators, ministry of education and the security apparatus. Looking at this trend from a nonpartisan view it manifests a more deep rooted problem than just the students’ indiscipline that the Government is heaping volumes of blame whenever such cases arise. This therefore leaves one with the big question, Could the Government be treating the symptoms, the more reason the cases are rising in frequency and fatality? This paper will probe on some possible root/main causes of arsons in secondary schools and the possible alternative solutions towards a holistic approach in managing this rapidly growing threat.


3. A Comprehensive Review on Crop Yield prediction using Data mining & Machine learning Techniques
Shalu Kushwah, Sandeep Kumar Tiwari, Anand Singh Bisen
Agriculture is the main concern and emerging field for research in every country. In India the population is increasing very rapidly with increase in population the need for the food is also increasing.In agriculture sector where farmers and agribusinesses have to make numerous decisions every day and intricate complexities involves the various factors influencing them. An essential issue for agricultural planning intention is the accurate yield estimation for the numerous crops involved in the planning. Machine learning techniques are necessary approach for accomplishing practical and effective solutions for this problem. Agriculture has been an obvious target for big data. Environmental conditions, variability in soil, input levels, combinations and commodity prices have made it all the more relevant for farmers to use information and get help to make critical farming decisions.


4. Acne Detection, Assessment, Grading and Classification using Machine Learning Techniques: A Review
Pooja Dhakad, Sandeep Kumar Tiwari
Acne is one of the most common problems faced by huge population (above 90%) at different age groups, genders and different area of acne and its severity. Among all acne types,acne vulgaris is most common of them. Acne vulgaris has become an interesting domain for researchers in biomedical engineering as well as image processing.Recognizing acne region and skin areas accurately is areally challenging task.This plays a major role in acne detection, grading, classification, acne severity detection and automatic acne assessment. This paper presents a comprehensive review which aim to fill the research gap in literature by providing all the state-of-the-artmethods applied till date on acne vulgaris images. This research area is least explored and hence this paper focuses on survey of various image processing and machine learning techniques applied on acne images. Future scope and the problems identified in this domain are also elaborated.


5. Effect of Job Rotation on Employees’ Performance in Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa, Nasarawa State-Nigeria
Abubakar, Suleiman Bashir & Abubakar, Rakiya Suleiman
This study sought to investigate the effect of rotation on employees‟ performance in federal polytechnic Nasarawa, Nasarawa state Nigeria. A survey questionnaire was used to collect data from 331 members of staff of the institution. The respondents interviewed were the Academic and Non-Academic members of staff of the school. Discriptive and inferential statistics were adopted. The study used primary data as a method of data collection effort, employing the use of self-administered structured questionnaires and four point likert scale. The data collected for the work were analysed using descriptive statistics and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. The research found that Job rotation has positive and significant effect on employees‟ performance in Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa. The study is also in line with the finding of Macf and Mam (2014). Recommendations based on the findings, the study recommended that Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa should continue to apply job rotation as job design. They should rotate the job of non-academic staff within functioning area as well as cross functioning area. The organisation should ensure that they apply fully, the concept of task identity, task significant, skill variety and feedback, but they should discontinue from task structuring and autonomy since the performance of employees may not be encouraged.

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