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IJAREM: Volume 08 - No. 12, 2022


1. Research on trust management of management team of private education group after listing
Weisheng Wen, Shuqin Liu, Ningning He, Wei Wang, Dan Wu, Man Yu
By focusing on the structure and evolution process of trust management of private education groups’ management team after launching, this study constructed the trust process model of the management team using the development process theory of trust management, then analyzed the development model of trust management of private education groups’ top management team after launching. By comparing the top management models of similar private education groups in the same region, this paper summarizes the targeted measures to improve the trust management of private education groups’ top management team in different developing stages, from the perspective of motivation trust, cognitive trust and emotional trust of the management team. It is of great significance for improving the corporate governance level of private enterprises, building modern enterprise system, strengthening the executive power, cohesion and competitiveness of private education groups, and promoting the healthy development of private education groups.


2. Virtual Reality in Education Special Effects with Grid Node in Houdini Sidefx
Chaman Lal Sabharwal
Virtual Reality is informally used in many applications where visualization and animation are pragmatic. Special effects in Houdini sideFXare created by generating the illusions of realworld objects. We explore the hidden gems to show how Houdini SideFX can leverage simple node to construct complex objects, related natural phenomena and amazing realistic animations. We start with a grid node to systematically develop and explore complex3D model views in virtual reality. With the advent of COVID-19, Virtual Reality has revolutionized academic and industrial world for remote interaction, by individuals, group meetings and training. In addition, it leads to innovation and development of new concepts, eBooks replacing the printed books. Virtual Reality was mainly in the realm of film and entertainment industry. It is changing the education culture completely all togetherand is becoming the mainstay in every aspect of visualization. With this paper we show how immersion results makingcomplex theories as easy-go concepts to retain them in long term memory.










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