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IJAREM: Volume 09 - No. 11, 2023


1. Grey Relational Degree Analysis of Tourism Income based on Grey System Theory
Rui Chen, Liang Fang, Manli Zhang, Jing Kong
This paper applies the Grey correlation analysis method in the Grey system theory and takes the Grey correlation degree as the measurement index to analyze the relevant factors affecting the tourism income. It finds that the leading factors affecting the domestic tourism income of a certain region are the per capita consumption expenditure of rural residents and the number of domestic tourists. At the same time, it reveals the correlation degree between the tourism income and various influencing factors from an empirical point of view. To make recommendations for the increase of regional tourism revenue.


2. Road Network Analysis and Determining the Best Route based on Geographic Information Systems
Nain Dhaniarti Raharjo, Agustin Dita Lestari
Roads are transportation infrastructure that functions as a route for the movement of people, goods and services to and from certain locations. Apart from being a transportation facility, roads have a role as a tool for regional development and connectivity, and also have an environmental function. Of course, with the complexity of this role, a road must have a good level of comfort, safety and travel effectiveness for all its users. Nowadays, road users tend to look for the best alternative routes to get the best accessibility with the aim of reducing travel time and avoiding traffic jams. This research aims to find out the best route and ideal travel distance based on several supporting parameters. The method used is the weighting/scoring method for each criterion and then data processing is carried out based on a geographic information system so that a route map can be obtained. From the results of the analysis that has been carried out, 2 routes have been obtained that can be used as alternative routes. The results of the analysis of the most effective and efficient route based on geological structure, lithology, soil type, road geometry, traffic conditions, land cover, forest environment, slope and rainfall, it was found that route 1 with a distance of 17 km, with a total land suitability of553352613.002664 m2, is the most effective and efficient route, although with a longer distance duration compared to route 2 which only has a distance of 13 km, with a land suitability level of100543589.17874 m2.









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