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IJAREM: Volume 09 - No. 04, 2023


1. Various Properties of High Volume Flyash Concrete (HVFA) -A Review
Pankaj Joshi, Raj Kumar, U. S. Vidyarthi
Now a days different pozzolanic materials are used as a partial replacement of cement in concrete. Flyash is used most commonly as its production is much more than others. Green concrete has now become a significant necessity of present environment in today’s scenario. Using flyash in concrete, results in less demand of cement, hence reduction in CO2emission. With increase in flyash content in concrete, CO2 emission will be less. Therefore, HVFA concrete means more than 50% cement is replaced by flyash. In this literature review, various papers were studied for different quantity of flyash replaced and compressive strength and other mechanical properties are also discussed. Addition to that effect of some additives in HVFA concrete and temperature effect on the same has been discussed. In this paper we explore previous as well as current development in HVFA concrete and gap in research of HVFA concrete. As a result, summarized knowledge would be extremely useful in planning future research in HVFA concrete made from industrial waste.


2. Evaluation of the Dynamic Properties of Tillage Process with Toothed Operating Tools
Zoja Shanina, Iryna Kylymnyk, Anton Fasoliak and Olena Syvachuk
In the process of tillage (crushing) of soils, including agricultural ones, a complex dynamic process of interaction between the tool and the solid soil and its crushed parts takes place. The analysis of oscillograms shows that in the vast majority of cases, the grinding process is a stationary random process. The spectral analysis of oscillatory processes of different toothed tools while tilling was carried out and a correlation evaluation of the obtained models has been proposed.










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