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IJAREM: Volume 03 - No. 03, 2017


1. A Pragmatic Study on Customers Perception towards Organized Retail Stores
Dr. Namita Soni Sugandhi, Aparna Vashistha
In recent time‟s mall or organized retail store culture is very eminent, where one can avail everything under one roof and even availability of these malls or retail stores is plenty across the country. Usually people prefer both malls as well as markets as per their desires and affordability. Retailers not only from India but from abroad find India as a great opportunity for trade. Not only trader are finding retail as an interesting opportunity but the customers as well are attracted towards new retail outlets because of novelty, convenience and availability of various brands under one roof. The paper aimsat identifying factors influencing customer‟s perception towards organized retail stores and also understand the perceptual difference towards organized retail stores among respondents belonging to different age groups and gender. In this study three factors are identified 3 A i.e, annoyance factors, affirmative factors and augmented factors in order to attract the customer. The study further suggests the variables on which perceptual difference exists among the customers belonging to different age groups and gender, so that the store managers could create a customer specific product mix.


2. Performance Analysis of Cryptographic Hash Function Using SHA-256
Ms. Shalini Patel, Mr. Sunil Shah
Cryptographic hash functions are used to protect information and authenticity in a wide range of applications. Providing security to data and information which is to be transferred to and fro has its increasing demand where various remedy measures are to be undertaken for that.
To enhanced security it is ensured by providing out some cryptographic algorithms. The ultimate objective of this project is to develop a FPGA based cryptographic hash algorithms which are being employed in network security. The light is thrown mainly on SHA-2 algorithm and also comparisons are examined between with some other cryptography techniques. The proposed result obtained with the comparative analysis of the Above mentioned methods of Cryptography. A few among these were MD5 (Message Digest Algorithm), SHA (Secured Hash Algorithm) and so on.
In this paper, we investigate high speed and low area hardware architectures of SHA-2 Algorithm. Comparative performance results of the proposed high-speed designs indicate a throughput improvement as compare to others. Additionally, we propose a compact implementation of SHA-2 with pipelined architecture. Measurements reveal a minimal power dissipation which suggests that SHA-2 is suitable for resource-limited systems


3. Improving the Quality of Service based on Reactive Congestion Control Protocol for Multipath Routing in MANETS
Ayesha Fatima, Aqsa Parveen, Rahela Fatima, Dr.Syed Raziuddin
Ad-hoc wireless networks are comparatively new paradigm in multi-hop wireless networking that is increasingly becoming popular and will become an essential part of the computing environment, consisting of infra-structured and infrastructure-less mobile networks. Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is an infrastructure-less multi-hop network where each node communicates with other nodes directly or indirectly through intermediate nodes. The credit for growth of ad-hoc network goes to its self organizing and self configuring properties. All nodes in a MANET basically function as mobile routers participating in some routing protocol required for deciding and maintaining the routes.


4. Analytical similarity solution of non-linear equation using one-parameter infinitesimal Lie group of transformation
Dr. Shama M. Mulla, Dr. Chhaya H. Desai
The present paper discusses the analytical solution of the equation of flow of water through a porous medium of an aquifer. The flow in the aquifer is assumed to be one-dimensional and unconfined. Also the flow is considered to be unsteady and saturated. The equation governing such flow is a non-linear partial differential equation along with a source term. This non-linear partial differential equation is reduced to ordinary differential equation using the Lie- infinitesimal transformation technique to find similarity solutions. The analytical solution is obtained for the ordinary differential equation which is Abel's equation of second kind.


5. Consumer's Perception towards Hypercity Store
Shatabdi S Das, Rachana Mane, Saurabh Mukherjee, Arnab Dey Sikdar
This paper aims at identifying the profile of this new Indian consumer, how they purchase, what are the factors that influence the consumer behaviour towards Hypercity. This study tries to throw light on customer perception and expectation on different parameters towards Hypercity. Our findings were that Hypercity‟s biggest client base is youngsters, who visit Hypercity mainly to buy Clothes and Food Items, and prefer Hypercity because of its Low-Price Pricing Strategy.


6. Effective Communication as a Panacea for Conflict Avoidance in Public Building Construction Project Delivery
Anyanwu Columbus Ikechukwu, Fidelis, I. Emoh, Celestine, O. Aniagolu
This research work deals on strategies for managing conflicts that arise during project delivery in Nigeria. The need for the research arose because of the fact that construction projects work are becoming increasingly tasking due to the complex set of contract documents governing the parties, cost increases of materials, labour, equipment and client's over expectations from contractors performance, and so on. The likelihood of disputes arising therefore, increases, with the ways of resolving them becoming very expensive in terms of time, personnel, finances, project delays and abandonment. It becomes necessary therefore, to carry out this research work to examine how conflicts can be prevented through effective communication in order to eliminate unnecessary costs, delays, straining of relationships among team members, and outright abandonment of projects. Data for the research was sourced through questionnaire and the collected data was analysed using the Analysis of Variance statistical tool (ANOVA). Also two hypothesis were formulated to guide the research. The results obtained from the ANOVA analysis and the hypothesis reveals that effective communication is the most critical success factor for project delivery. This was justified by the fact that all null hypotheses were rejected and the alternatives were accepted. Based on the results obtained, the study concludes that communication has to be effective in order to achieve its aim of reducing conflicts among project team members and stakeholders involved in a project. The study recommends among others that management should not allow conflicts to degenerate into conflicts before they are addressed, effective information and communication management and development of management information systems are to be used to reduce conflict situations.


Shashi Deshpande has become a leading novelist to give a deep resonant voice on various issues which reflect Indian Society. Her every novel presents the true picture of society. She successfully analyzes the psychology of women. She tries to strike a balance between what they want and what they are compelled to do, between the necessity and the wish. She feels women mostly exploit themselves. This present paper studies her first novel "The Dark Holds No Terrors‟, where she explains, how a neglected attitude is kept for a girl child by her own parents and how that girl becomes a psychiatric patient and perennial sufferer till coming over by own assertion. Novel presents the suffocating atmosphere of a girl, who never gets love from her parents and looks marriage as a heaven on the earth, but after marriage she finds dichotomy between her expectations and reality. It is a story of internal and external traumatic experiences of a middle-class educated working woman, who is a famous doctor and working person. Her dichotomy breaks out with self-realization and confrontation the entire situation. She takes long journey painfully with bitter experiences to come over from this perennial psychic problem and release her trauma openly in talking with her father.


8. Literature Review on Consumer Behaviour of Online Shoppers
Dr. Ankur Saxena
Market research is often referred to ensure that organization produce and sell what customers really want. Analyzing consumer behaviour is not a new phenomenon for scholars. Philip Kotler, marketing expert, have studied on this topic. Theories about consumer behaviour have been used to develop an effective marketing strategy. Moreover, it is impossible to think marketing without the Internet in today's world. Online marketing is the topic that have been researched and made applications many times by researcher from past to nowadays. Studies on online shopping investigated the factors that influence online shopping as well as motives for, value of and antecedents of online buying behaviour. Because consumer‟s behaviour is constantly changing and In order to understand why customers make purchases and why they choose one companies product or service over another in online shooping, This paper focuses on the consumer side of the online purchasing behaviour by referring lot of research work and articles to identify important factors and to make guidance for the development of online shopping.


9. Implementation of Solar Panel Based Multi Mobile Charger with Auto Cut Off of Power
Gaurav Chamate, Jayant Wankhade, Vishwanath Kommulwar
The paper explain Coin Based Mobile Charger Using Solar Tracking System .As whole world is going towards the new phase of technology our needs becomes more sophisticated, on the other hand we need speed, quality, and effectiveness . But battery life of a smart phone will never match that of an old phones, so it is the high on everyone priorities which smart phone should buy? Sometimes battery becomes flat in the middle of conversation particularly at in convenient times when access to a standard charger isn't possible. It is true that many consumers carry around chargers with them or can find them in an Airport terminal or even a retailer, but this requires a consumer on the go to tether themselves to an outlet while waiting for the charge to fill. There are also charging cases and back-up battery products, but these too are mere band aids to the issue at hand. So to operate these mobile phones public charging is needed, and it should be useful to public. This system that is solar mobile charger gives the charging to mobile phone and solve this problem. This system is like coin based phones which was famous in beginning of 20th century. This System is designed based on ATMega16 a 40 pin micro controller that count down timing for a particular time period which was predefine with LCD display showing the processes. The relay and LDR output is latched and finishing timing in progress


10. De noising and De-blurring of QR Codes By Using Median filter
M. Balatripura sundari, B.Vinod Kumar, G. Jayasri, M. Bavani, Shaik Azeez
QR code is generally used for embedding messages such that people can conveniently use mobile devices to capture the QR code and acquire information through a QR code reader , But these QR codes are effected by blurring and noise so we need to de-blurring or de convolution and de noising the QR code to obtain the original QR code from noisy QR code .Here median filter is used to denoising the QR code


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