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IJAREM: Volume 03 - No. 05, 2017


1. To study Influence of IPO Rating on demand in Indian IPO market in special context to Retail Investors.
Mrs. Amita Jadhav, Dr. Netra Apte
IPO demand is influenced by IPO signaling parameter as Investment Banker, Underwriter, Venture Capitalist involvement, Business Group affiliation, Grading, Underpricing or Issue Size, Market timing as Bullish or Bearish etc. Many research has evolved around it. The Research paper tries to examine the impact of IPO Rating by Capital market, the significance of it on IPO subscription or demand. The paper tries to understand significance of IPO rating in terms of Investors behavior and does it tends to influence demand of retail investor by helping in decision making, in Indian IPO market which has institutional voids and information asymmetry.


Customer Relationship Management is crucial function of banking industry. This is carried out through internet which has come to be known as E-CRM. E-CRM provides round the clock and round the year services, covers all the activities of business through the use of ICT (Information and communication Technology) being attractive, interactive and collaborative. The E-CRM enables customers retention, attract new customer, creates customer satisfaction and agility.
Existing literature has been reviewed to identify the key benefits of E-CRM to the customers. It is understood that E-CRM has emerged as a basic requirement for the banks to understand the customer and offer services that satisfy customers consistently thereby enhancing business relationships with customers over a longer period which leads to customer loyalty.


3. Failure analysis of six-cylinder diesel engine
Sanjaysingh Bisht, Chinmay Kashid, Pooja Barde, Jairaj Singh, Dr. V. Singh
Reliability of engines for longer run has been a prime concern for Maharashtra State Road Corporation Transportation (MSRCT).This projects deals with finding the maximum causes of failure in the TATA-CUMMINS six-cylinder diesel engine and giving recommendation for reducing the engine breakdown The maximum failure was observed for cracking of the cylinder bore, which caused complete engine to be scrapped and causing heavy financial loss to State Transport(S.T.) Workshop, Dapodi, Pune. About 100 TATA-CUMMINS 697 engines were inspected for the engine failure and following results were obtained. Remedies for reducing the failure have been suggested at the end of paper.


4. Effect of Fly Ash Geopolymer on Geotechnical Properties of Soil
Harishma Raveendran, Anjana T. R
Soil stabilization is a term used for improving mechanical, chemical, physical, biological or combined method to improve the properties of natural soil and making it fit for engineered purpose. The main objective of this study is to improve the properties of the soil by adding the waste material which can cause environmental pollution. Fly ash is a waste product from power plants has been selected to add in the soil sample in different ratios (0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%). Liquid alkaline activator is produced by the mixing Na2SiO3 solution with NaOH in 3:1 ratio. The soil properties with and without adding of fly ash based geopolymer have been studied. An attempt has been made to use these waste materials for improving the Atterberg limits, compaction characteristics, unconfined compressive strength and CBR values of soil.


5. Material Modification for Flexible Pavement
Rakesh R Nayaka, Dr. K. Kumar, Dr.Sridhar.R
Plastic is highly toxic in nature. The plastic wastes which are produced are non-bio degradable in nature. Hence experiments have been carried out to use these plastic wastes in construction of roads. The use of these wastes in road construction is based on Economic, Technical and Ecological criteria. The bitumen can be modified with plastic waste pieces forming a mix which can be used as a top layer of flexible pavement, showing better binding property, stability, density and which is more resistant to water. The plastic main ingredients such as polyamide and acrylic granules are used to increase the strength of flexible pavements. . The quantity of bitumen is varied by 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, & 25% of weight of bitumen.
It has been observed that the specimen with 20% of polyamide granules has higher strength when compared to other percentages of polyamide granules. Also in case of acrylic granules the specimen with 10% of acrylic granules has higher strength than the other percentages of acrylic granules. Both these plastic granules showed increase in strength when compared to controlled specimen.
When the strength of polyamide granules and acrylic granules are compared with each other it is seen that polyamide granules shows higher strength than that of the acrylic granules. Further it has been found that such roads were not subjected to stripping when come in contact with water.


6. Analysis on Chinese Economy and Ageing Population: Emphasis on Effects of Labor Supply
Dr. S.S.Jeyaraj
The paper examines the impact of population ageing on the most important macroeconomic aggregates and internal economic growth of a country. The main target is to examine the impact of population growth rate and elderly poverty rate changes on these variables with respect to the population ageing. The population growth should lead to the increase in the available labour forces and successively to the growth of capital, consumption and GDP. Earlier researches strongly demonstrated that demographic changes do influence the economy. Therefore, increasing elderly population and its effect could in the future markedly influence economic development of ageing country especially developing economies. As a result of cost of labour goes up, profit will fall and cause domestic inflation and decrease in savings rate will slow down the capital formation and development in GDP. Short-supply of labour in cities and leads to increase the migration from rural to urban and scarcity of labour to support rural economic development and cause uneven economic development due to ageing population.


7. An Empirical Study on the Individual Investors' Investment Behavioural Pattern on Corporate Action with respect to Merger and Acquisition
K. Revathi Lalitha Kumari, Dr.P.C Sai Babu
In recent period, there has been considerable interest in the corporate action processing. The initiation of corporate actions may have significant implications for the financial risks of market participants. Corporate Actions are necessary for the existence, business strategies, business techniques and for making profits. One of the Corporate Actions is influencing the share prices in a positive way or negative way, leads to the behavior of the investors. The present study has made an endeavor to comprehend the association with the individual investors' investment behavioural pattern and an announcement of corporate action with respect to Merger and Acquisition with an example of ING Vysya Bank Ltd. and Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. The study is to observe and understand the investors' behavior during the situation under three phases viz., Pre-announcement period, Announcement period and Post-announcement period.
The data gathered through secondary source and analyzed using moving average of Share prices and focused on Trade Velocity of Kotak Mahindra Bank and ING Vysya Bank during three phases. Based on the analysis, the researcher found that there is a wide variation between three phases in perspective of Share Price Volatility and Trade Velocity.


8. Design and Implementation of the Low Cost Moving Work Piece Sorting System Based on LabVIEW
Rajashree R. Kapse, Mrs.Warsha Kandalikar
Sorting is any process of arranging items systematically, arranging them in a sequence ordered by some criterion or grouping items with similar properties. In sensor based sorting the items are singularly detected by a sensor technique and separated by a mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic process. The sorting techniques are generally applied in the three industries namely mining, recycling and food processing. Advances in sensing and quantifying material surface characteristics in connection with rapid growth in computing and software technology has made it possible to rely on sorting process more and more.


9. Study On Dynamic Crushing Behaviour of Collapsible Steel Tube Energy Absorbers with Cutout
Rishma P. Ravindran
Energy absorbing structures are gaining its own importance in engineering field now a days. These plays a vital role in safe design of structures during impact accidents. Thin walled members are commonly used as energy absorbers. Thus these have a wide variety of applications in offshore structure, automobile engineering, aircraft fuselage designs, crash barrier designs in bridge structures, etc. These structures often have geometric discontinuities like cutouts. Many researchers have considered different parametric studies on this topic. The studies based on the size of a square cutout is less. This project work aims on the numerical study on the crushing behaviour of thin walled cylindrical steel tube type collapsible impact energy absorbers with square cutout. A systematic parametric study is performed in this work, considering two parameters, size of cutout and location of cutout. Analysis results shows the strong influence of size and location of cutout on its crushing behaviour, when it is subjected to impact loading. The results will contribute a better solution for the design of thin walled energy absorbing structures in future.


10. Analysis of Physical Progress V/S Duration Progress Complete In MSP during Tracking
Vishwas N, Vijay K
Tracking is one of the most important features of any project which gives us a check on whether the panned and actual execution of any construction project is as per the base line or varying with the progress
This paper aims to deal with different parameters of progress which is used in monitoring the construction activities .The three main parameters upon which the reports aims to concentrate are 1)Percentage complete 2) Percentage work complete 3)Physical percentage complete Comparative analysis is done with respect to the progress with due alone three parameters with changes done is task type and the variations in progress is documented importance of the above parameters are discussed with a case study an different situations of usage is presented.


IJAREM: Volume 03 - No. 05, 2017 (Version-II)


Dr.Ajay Kumar Sinha, Sri Vidya.N
The experiment to isolate caffeine from different types of teas was done by two different procedures and the result was found to be synchronizing. Nine different types of samples from different places were taken. From these samples caffeine was isolated by two different methods.. By first procedure, the amounts of caffeine present in different samples are in the following order:Herbal tea <Dilmah tea < Earl Grey tea < Green tea < Darjeeling tea < Black tea <Orange tea < Jasmine tea < Assam tea.
By second procedure, the amounts of caffeine present in different samples are also in the same order as above.
The variation of content of caffeine is from 0.5 gm. in Herbal to 3.46 gm. in Assam tea. According to the chemical constitution (structure) of caffeine, urea presentin the soil of different places may be an important factor for the variation of caffeine in different samples of teas because it has direct relationship with caffeine structure.


2. Smart Irrigation System and Plant Disease Detection
Lav Gupta, Krunal Intwala, Karishma Khetwani, Tanvi Hanamshet, Prof. Rachna Somkunwar
Most of the population in Asian country depends on agriculture and farming. Agriculture has become way more than merely a method to feed ever growing populations. Plants became a vital supply of energy, and square measure a basic piece within the puzzle to resolve the matter of worldwide warming. The right maintenance of plant growth includes varied steps like to look at the environmental factors and manage water for correct cultivation of plants. A standard manner of irrigation isn't economical and unre-liable. Around eighteen of crop yield is lost worldwide thanks to blighter attack once a year. Identification of disease is vital to preventing the losses within the yield of agriculture product that is troublesome to try to to manually. There square measure many diseases that have an effect on plants with the potential to cause devastating economic, social and ecological losses. The project thus involves a system design that which permit user to realize all higher than activities in real time in order that farmers will read their farm details from remote location. It includes- one. A module placed during a farm that contains varied sensors and device for conversion and transfer specified farm details and environmental factors square measure monitored and controlled properly a pair of. Image process for disease detection of visually seen symp-toms of plant. Employing an application the treatment is usually recommended to scale back the harm le-vels. The proposed system will thus improve in the productivity and benefit irrigation sector.


4. A Literature Review on Air flow and Ventilation
P. S. Borkar, V. S. Shende, G. D. Mehta, S. M. Awatade, P. V Jadhav
Through this present paper, review about the air circulation has been presented. It is quite important to have adequate air flow in buildings. Therefore research have been executed to improve the air circulations and proper design of ventilation.


5. A Brief Survey on Malware Detection
Libiya R, Vinutha H
Security is a noteworthy worry in the registering frameworks with the expanding number of digital assaults lately. As of now, in the cell phone showcase, Android is at present the most famous cell phone working framework. Because of this prevalence and furthermore to its open source nature, Android-based cell phones are currently a perfect focus for aggressors. Since the quantity of malware intended for gadgets is expanding quickly, clients are searching for security arrangements went for keeping vindictive activities from harming their gadgets. Programming approaches suffer from the superior overhead and asset necessity. As of late, equipment helped answers for digital security have risen as a promising insurance against the developing assaults. Accordingly, in our paper we intend to give distinctive malware discovery apparatuses i.e. Malware locator including diverse methods it utilizes, we propose Malware-Aware Processors (MAP)— processors enlarged with an equipment based online malware indicator to fill in as the first line of guard to separate malware from authentic projects. The yield of this indicator helps the framework organize how to apply more costly programming based arrangements. The dependably on nature of MAP finder secures against irregularly working malware. From this viewpoint, we propose and investigations some potential constraint arranged procedures for viable malware recognition we incorporate the MAP execution with an open-source x86-perfect center, integrating the subsequent plan to keep running on a FPGA.


6. Design and Implementation of Digital Temperature Controller
Yang LIU
This paper takes AT89C52 microcontroller as the core, and using the United States Dallas Semiconductor DS18820 line digital temperature sensor for the temperature measurement part. Using the LCD1602 display to show measured and controlled temperature. The system uses the C programming language to complete the measurement function call. With it, users can set the upper and lower limits of temperature. When the temperature goes beyond the upper or lower limit, it can give an alarm automatically. To solve the complicated circuit control of the temperature measurement problems, the alarm further improved on the basis of traditional circuit control.


Dr. A. Francis Saviour Devaraj, Mr. Akalu Assefa
Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is a type of ad-hoc network in which a collection of mobile devices form a network without any infrastructure. MANET is widely used at locations where the fixed infrastructure for communication has been destroyed or in demanding situations such as earthquake, flood, fire explosions, plane/air crash etc. The mobile ad hoc networks depend on the participating node's battery to perform its operation. It is a well known fact that insufficient battery power leads to link failure in the network and it requires re-establishment of the network. Since there is no centralized administration in MANET, it is vulnerable to security threats. Flooding attack is one of the internal/external active security threats. The compromised node sends a large amount of RREQ packets to the neighbor node or massive amount of useless data packets to nodes in the network. Therefore there is a need to propose a frame work - IDPS for a MANET under flooding attack. The proposed framework detects the flooding attack thereby saving bandwidth & battery, by not responding to the bogus request, with the aid of routing table information. The proposed framework also prevents the flooding attack, thereby saving bandwidth & battery, with the aid of information about the battery capacity.


D. Sudha Mohan
In olden days the appliances present in the classroom will work Without candidate information, whether the candidate was known or Unknown. So, to overcome these problems by using RFID technology in this circuit, the RFID reader reads the RFID Tags if any Candidate entering into the classroom with the tag then RFID reader reads the RFID tag and that information fed to the controller to run the appliances. Depending Upon RFID readers present in each classroom the student information (Whether present/ absent and running applications information, temperature, humidity and lighting conditions) are fed to central node (principal room) by using Zig-bee technology/internet technolog


9. Feasibility Study on Jarofix Columns in Clay Soil
Oshin Ann Mathews, Soumya Jose
Construction works on soft clay foundations are often very challenging and very complex task since they are since they are generally characterized by its low strength properties. Still clayey soils are widely used for construction purposes due to economic reasons. This study examines the geotechnical improvement of clay soils using the jarofix column technique on a laboratory-scale model. Industrial effluent Jarofix provided as deep columns in clay soil for improving its properties. Remolded compacted clay soil blocks were carefully prepared in circular steel test tanks with jarofix piles installed in them. The treated soil block properties were then investigated as a function of radial column distances and curing periods. Curing period is taken as 7, 14, 28, and 56 days and radial distance is taken as 1D,2D and 3D of jarofix column. There will be significant changes in the unconfined compressive strength of the treated soils due to the clay–jarofix reactions.


10. Waste Management By Pyrolysis
Ajo Issac John, Anand Sajan, Amal Joseph, Cighil tony, Sidharth J
Waste management is a major problem faced around the globe of which plastic disposal is very difficult. Many of the currently used techniques have its own drawbacks when studied in the aspect of pollution. Pyrolysis is an innovative technique to safely dispose plastic as well as biomass and obtain liquid distillates that can be refined as fuels without causing much pollution problems. The work aims describes the properties of liquid distillate obtained from the pyrolysis process of various plastic and also from biomass pyrolysis using teak wood and co-pyrolysis of teakwood and high density polyethylene.


11. Control of Power Assisted Upper Limb Exoskeleton Using EMG
Shali.S.S, Aksa Anna Vinoy, Shahin.P, Priya Ajayaghosh
Upper limb exoskeleton is a collaborative robotic external artificial hand exoskeleton that supports and protects the human body. It complements the existing human skeleton by sharing the load (in part or full) along with augmenting the human body's torque with that of the exoskeleton. This device is a powered exoskeleton which is a wearable robot that can be driven by a system of electric motors, pneumatics, levers and hydraulics or a combination of technologies that allow for limb movement, endurance and strength. Electromyography signals play a pivotal role in controlling powered exoskeletons. Existing methods introduce bulky wheelchairs, crutches etc. for movement of paralyzed patients where they move as a whole. The device here permits the movement of individual body parts such as upper limb which is driven using a linear actuator whose motion is controlled using EMG signals obtained from the subject's limb.


12. Smart Card and Image Processing Based Vehicle Tracking System
Dussa Sudha Mohan, Ramesh Regula
Now a day's more number of vehicles traveled on roads, we cannot find the vehicle particular place. In addition, if any candidate theft vehicle we cannot find the vehicle place and thief so to overcome these problems by using Image processing and RFID vehicle tracking system. It consists of a RFID tag, which consists of owner name, place, communication details, mobile number and address. The RFID Tag is present on the roof of vehicle. Moreover, RFID reader, which is, reads the RFID tag information and save the details as vehicle details about RFID reader placed place after and send this information to central vehicle system office. In addition, a image scanner is present at the RFID reader it is used to scan the driver image and send the details like license number, name and address of driver to central system.
When any vehicle loosing, then entering vehicle number into the central system then the system shows all locations with time and date up to present time. Therefore, respected owner goes to particular place and got it simply and the thief is easily identified by security systems.


IJAREM: Volume 03 - No. 05, 2017 (Version-III)


1. Cloud Based Smart Health Care Monitoring and Alert System
Mr. Nerella Ome, Mr. G.Someswara Rao
Health is fundamental need and it is human right to get quality Health Care. Nowadays India is facing many health issues because of less resource. This review paper presents the idea of solving health issues using latest technology, Internet of Things. It presents the architectural review of smart health care system using Internet of Things which is aimed to provide Quality Health Care to everyone. Using this system architecture, patients' body parameters can be measure in real time. Sensors collects patients body parameters and transfers that data to Arduino Uno which further transfer that data to cloud with the help of WiFi module. This data is stored into Thingspeak database server which manages data and provides accessibility. User can view this data with the help of Android App. Which one can install in Smart phone, Tablet or PC. Cloud computing handles authentication, privacy, security, data management etc. If data is abnormal then patient gets notification also care takers will get mail. With the help of different decision making algorithms decisions can be made and according to it people have access to database. Patient can check their medical record Hence, this system provides Quality Health Care to everyone and error free and smooth communication to patients.


2. Review on vertical axis micro wind turbine and solar hybrid system
Ashwini D. Mohod, Mrs. V.S. Jahagirdar
We are going to generate hybrid power by using solar panel and micro wind turbine. Renewable energy source is the future of energy sector for that its management is essential. Solar Energy and wind energy the ultimate and future source of energy is getting its importance day by day and will become important source of energy. Vertical Axis Micro Wind Turbine and solar hybrid system is a microcontroller based charge controller using PWM (pulse width modulation) technique. In this system use solar panel and designed micro wind turbine. This system work in low wind speed at 4m/sec to 35 m/sec and make use of renewable energy such as solar and wind. The turbine is made up of acrylic sheet and is based on medium density fibre.This PWM technique is employed by the PIC16F877 microcontroller. The microcontroller is to charge a 12V battery using micro wind turbine and solar panel. The main feature of this charge controller is limits the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from batterY. Excessive voltage can also stress loads (lights, appliances, etc.) or cause inverter to shut off. Vertical axis Micro wind turbines have been designed to operate with low wind speeds.


Anand R, Lokesharun D, Rajkumar S, Kirubakaran R
Afterburners are typically used as thrust augmentation devices critical for tactical maneuvers during combat. The current project proposes to study the internal flow patterns in an afterburner for non-reacting flows through numerical analyses using a commercial computational tool. Thrust generated on attaching the afterburner to the jet engine was provided by the non-reacting (cold) flow analysis. In the reacting (hot) flow analysis, a drastic increase in the exit velocity and temperature was observed as compared to the cold flow trials due to combustion, indicating approximately 35% increase in the thrust generated due to afterburning. The purpose of this project is to employ NUMECA software for the 3 Dimensional analyses in an afterburner by carrying out cold flow analysis. The liner is considered as a thin metal sheet. The holes on the liner are considered as a porous material. Heat source has been considered for the hot flow analysis. Conclusively, the study demonstrated the effect of an afterburner on a jet engine and the efficiency of the current afterburner design. It also provided an insight on ways to modify and improve the subsequent afterburner designs for obtaining even higher efficiencies.


4. An Android Controlled Mini Rover for real time surveillance using Raspberry Pi 3
Farooqui Shumaila Mateenuddin, Mrs. V.S. Jahagirdar
Surveillance is the process of monitoring the circumstances, an area or a person. Real-time surveillance is a vital component in any situation or environment where there is a high need of security for both personal and commercial property and assets. With the advent of cutting edge technologies the world is moving towards less manual work to more automated solutions. Sophisticated hand-held devices with enhanced processing acumen can empower the user to control and dictate remote devices with the help of internet with utmost agility. A robot can be one such remote device, which is nothing but an electro-mechanical machine that can perform task automatically. The proposed system thus aims at easing monitoring and surveillance through the Raspberry Pi3 based Mini Rover controlled by an android application for smart phone users by providing them with a cheaper alternative. This system is of great advantage to users looking for monitoring small and narrow places which are unreachable by human.


5. Wireless Human Physiological Index Acquisition System Based on RF Technology
Yang LIU
To collet human physiological indicators with RF technology, wireless system is a new cutting-edge areas of research. It uses different functions of sensors to collect the body's physiological indicators by small loop antenna, BPF, transceiver switch and PA to send and receive dates. Now most researches are based on 2.4GHz, but this method has small area of coverage, small gain of antenna, and it is possible to introduce big errors when testing. Therefore, this paper studies and explores the feasibility of antenna based on 433MHz. To design the RF circuit, calculations and simulations are made to get the parameters of antenna. The small loop antenna based on 433MHz has a more broad area of coverage, lower power, lower cost, and higher reliability.


6. Frequency synthesizer based on CPLD
Yang LIU
Frequency synthesis technology was described as "the heart of the many electronic systems". The use of frequency synthesizer can produce electronic spectrum. In space communication, radar, telemetry and remote control, radio astronomy, radio, satellite navigation and positioning of digital communication and other advanced electronic systems, need to have high precision, frequency source with high stability. DDS is the direct digital synthesis (Direct Digital Synthesis) technology, in recent years, with digital integrated circuits and the rapid development of computer and the emergence of a new frequency synthesis technology. The departure from the concept of the phase of frequency synthesis. It uses digital sampling technique, the reference signal frequency, phase, amplitude parameters are transformed into a set of sampling function, then directly calculates the needed frequency signal. Because it is digital structure, its output signal contains a large number of spurious spectral line. In addition, the broadband signal will also meet the harmonic level is high, which is difficult to restrain harmonics and so on. These problems have affected the DDS output signal frequency spectrum purity, also become the main factors to limit its application. This paper presents a scheme of circuit to solve this problem, and how to improve the signal source spectrum quality are discussed.


Nishant Chaturvedi
Indian Tourism Sector has been indispensable in terms of delivering the best towards an exponential growth in employment opportunities and a considerable rise in gross domestic product of our country. However, with so many hospitality organisations including foreign players, the opportunities have increased manifolds. If we look back in the time-zone before 2010, a lot of hotels and lodging establishments started so as to fill the gap of rooms for a large number of foreign tourists along with domestic ones for the Commonwealth Games. This also paved way for a considerable rise in opening of various hospitality institutes across the country. This paper is review-based and the data used is purely secondary to highlight progressive tourism sector including hospitality as a promising contributor towards proliferating India.


8. An Efficient Phase Fault Monitoring System for Distribution Transformers
Epemu A. M., Enalume K. O.
This paper present a system of monitoring the phase of distribution transformers to determine if the Johnson & Phillips (J&P) fuse is blown or not. Blown fuses are common with distribution transformers to protect the transformer itself from being faulty. When a phase is overloaded the fuse gives way to protect the transformer. However, this fault should be promptly reported and localized so that power can be quickly restored to the phase. It was against this backdrop that this system was developed. It checks the phase of the transformer, with particular reference to the fuse of each phase to determine whether it is open or closed. If the system detects a blown fuse, the PIC18F4585 microcontroller will activate the buzzer and the SIM900A GSM module, to send a pre-programmed message indicating the location of the fault to the utility provider. The state of the blown fuse detector circuit will also be displayed on the LCD. Thus reducing the downtime that is associated with such faults from the manual system of reporting currently practised in Nigeria. The circuit was constructed and tested by putting OFF the switch used to represent each phase of the distribution transformer feeder-pillar. When the switch was in the OFF state, the buzzer came up and an SMS was sent to the electricity distribution company to notify them of a failed phase in the distribution transformer feeder-pillar.

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