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IJAREM: Volume 03 - No. 06, 2017 (Version-I)


A. Nihaarika, Dr. K.Santosh Kumar, Dr. M. Anji Reddy
Land use/ land cover is an important component in understanding the interactions of the human activities with the environment and thus it is necessary to monitor and detect the changes to maintain a sustainable environment. In this project an attempt has been made to study the changes in land use and land cover patterns. This project examines the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing in mapping Land Use Land Cover change detection in study area between 2012 and 2013, so as to detect the changes that has taken place in this status between these periods. Subsequently, an attempt was made at projecting the observed land use land cover in the 2-years. In achieving this, Land Consumption Rate and Land Absorption Coefficient were introduced to aid in the quantitative assessment of the change. Suitable change detection techniques were developed for the study area by taking into account its physical and cultural conditions, there by optimising use of information in the land cover maps. The result of the work shows a rapid growth in built-up, land between 2012 and 2013. Suggestions were therefore made at the end of the work on ways to use the information as contained therein optimally.


Mr. Mpumelelo Dolo and Prof. Dhiren Allopi
Water in general is a fundamental human need. Without water plants and animals would not survive. Basically, withoutwater, there would be no life on planet earth. It is characterized as a substance that is found everywhere on earth, as it is anticipated to cover about two thirds of the earth. The fact that it isfound everywhere, makes peopletake it for granted and ultimately misuse it.However, not just any water is suitable for human uses and needs, but clean potable water.When looking at other countries around the world such as Haiti, Ethiopia that have been hit by water related sicknesses such as Cholera, diarrhea and many more, those sicknesses are traced back to the quality of water they using for drinking and cooking purposes. It is evident that not just any running water is good for use but clean potable water, so as to guarantee good health to people, plants and animals.
Communities, industries, different production companies and agricultural sector, largely depend on dam water and boreholes (underground water) for their daily activities and running of businesses. Due to climatic conditions around the world, these dams have shown signs of drying up. According to Hill (2016), one of the largest dams in the world, The Kariba Dam, water level has decreased severely that it threatened the closure of power plants that use this dam to generate energy for Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Similarly to other countries, the South African dams have experienced a major decline in terms of their water levels.Drought has hit approximately all the provinces of South Africa, to an extent that some of these provinces were declared a disaster area (Essop, 2016). The on-going drought, which is traced back to the beginning of 2015, is one of a kind since 1982 (Fuzile, 2016).
Taking a closer insight to the Eastern Cape Province which was one the provinces declared a disaster area. This is the second biggest province in the South Africa. The climate within the Eastern Cape has notbeen consistent, which made the drought not to be felt by the entire province but various areas within the province. Due to no interventions put in place for such natural disaster, the severity of such disaster became fatal to human, plants and animals. This was associated to poor planning and incompetency by relevant water officials. Even after good rain poured consistently for couple of months, the taps still remained dry showing the impact done by the drought, and water restriction were still being applied in different areas within the Eastern Cape province.


3. Uncertain Data Refinement using Evidence and Possibility Theories
Madhavi Kolukuluri and Dr.B. D. C. N. Prasad
The uncertainty involved in any problem solving situation is a result of some information deficiency. Information may be incomplete, inprecise, not fully reliable, and contradictory. In general, the lack of information may result in different types of uncertainty. In this paper we discuss the statistical approach for representing uncertain data using evidence theory and possibility theory and applications to the evidence and possibility approximation problems are briefly presented.


4. An Impact of Anticipated Inflation On Short–Term Interest Rates
The study ―influence of anticipated inflation on short term interest rates‖ is done with an intention to understand the impact of inflation in the short run over the interest rates. The objective of the study is to characterize the relationship between anticipated inflation changes and nominal rates of interest, secondly to co integrate between Inflation and nominal interest rates and thirdly to regress the short term interest rates of treasury bill and government of India yields, correlation and regression analysis is used to obtain the outcome along with ADF and Co integration test. The outcome is to regress the short term Interest rates.


5. Exploring the extent of websites customer service provision in the insurance sector. A case of short term insurance companies in Zimbabwe
Reason Masengu, Patrick Fungirai Chitambwe
The purpose of this paper was to explore the extent of website service delivery in the short term insurance industry in Zimbabwe. An exploratory and descriptive research design with a judgmental sampling method was used. Observation of websites and questionnaires were used to explore websites service delivery. The findings were that websites are only used to provide information. It was recommended that insurance companies should develop their websites to increase service delivery.


6. Sensing the position of throttle valve using Throttle Position Sensor
Nikita Dhenge, Krupa Deth, S T Valujkar
The job of the TPS is to tell the computer the position of the throttle valve. This sensor is vital in helping the computer determine if the throttle is closed or open, or how fast the throttle is opened or closed. The throttle position sensor is a simple potentiometer that uses ground and 5-volt reference inputs to produce a varying output signal depending on the position of its detection arm or shaft. The throttle position signal is controlled by the position of a wiper arm that is connected by the throttle shaft. The TPS is used by ECM/PCM for fuel control, automatic transmission operation, a/c compressor cutout and clear flood mode.


T. Prakash
This study attempt usage of Social Medias among the engineering college students in Erode district. A data collect from selected engineering department students in engineering colleges. The primary data collect from with the help of questionnaire total 400 numbers of questionnaires distributed. 375 questioners were randomly received back. However 25 questionnaires are rejected due to incompleteness of answer. Hence selected 375 questionnaires are used for analysis data. In this study 213 respondents are highly satisfied with e-resources.


8. Smart Aquarium
Adil Athavani, Akshay Desai ,Harsha Ruthwick S, and Raviteja A
Fish keeping is a popular worldwide. Almost people from all the age groups like to keep aquarium in their home, offices etc for decoration purpose or as a hobby. Fish keeping is not an easy job. We always need an aquarium or a pond for that. The hobby of fish keeping is broadly divided into three; freshwater, brackish, marine. Among all these three, freshwater is considered to be the most popular hobby of keeping fish because it is easy to handle with freshwater fish and aquariums. It has always been difficult to take care of the fish and aquariums. We have to feed the fish on time, we have to maintain the temperature and also control the light, heater and filter of the aquarium. All these steps are done manually. The project, Smart aquarium has been designed by keeping in mind, the problem of those who cannot take care of their aquarium every day. The feeder is powered by servo meter which on trigger of a button feeds the fish, heater keeps the temperature of the aquarium under control, and we can also control the fluroscent lamp which helps in the growth of fish and plants.


9. Cryogenic Machining of Super Alloys used in Aerospace Industry: A Review
Mr. Akash M. Joshi, Prof. Ajay Pathak
A super alloy has advantages like mechanical strength, resistance to creep at high temperatures, good surface stability, and corrosion resistance. Although these properties make them very useful in the aerospace application, but it also makes them very difficult to machine. Difficulties faced in machining of these alloys include high tool wear, high cutting forces, and poor chip breakability. A cryogenic machining technique is applied to overcome these problems for machining of super alloys.Depending upon the machining conditions like cutting speeds, feed rate, depth of cut etc. different machining techniques have different effects on tool life. This report studies the effect of cryogenic machining technique for different machining conditions and compares the result with other machining techniques to achieve greater tool life which leads to lesser production cost.


10. Prime Capabilities In Resource Optimization For Multiple Projects Using Primavera
Vishnushree Prasad N.B,Vijay .K
Resources play vital role in construction projects. The performance of Construction industry depends chiefly on how best the resources are managed. Optimization play pivotal role in resource management, but task is highly Haphazard and chaotic under the influence of complexities and vastness. Management always looks for optimum utility of resources available with them. Hence, the project management has got important place especially in resource allocation and smooth functioning with allocated budget. To achieve these goals and to exercise enhance optimization certain tools are used for resource allocation optimally. Current Work illustrates resource optimization techniques using Primavera for 2 ongoing projects with common resource pool shared. Comparative analysis is done for individual as well as combined usage so that effective utilization of resources is achieved and the demand/supply of resources is maintained. Advanced applications in Primavera helps to understand the resource usage allocated in individual project across different project platforms which helps the management to decide. Effective usage of Roles feature of Primavera is used to assist and meet the objective of the project.


11. Quality Analysis of Surface Water Using Physico-Chemical Parameters in Kandulur Water Pond, Kandulur, Prakasam(Dist.), Andhra Pradesh
Ravi Kumar GARRE
The present study involved in the analysis of physico-chemical parameters of surface water collected from Kandulur water pond near Ongole in Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh. The water stored in thispond is coming from Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir through surface canal. The quality of the water in the pond was evaluated by analyzing the various physical and chemical parameters such as pH, Turbidity, Electrical conductivity, Alkalinity, Hardness, Total solids, Chlorides, DO, Iron and Manganese in the month of March, 2017. All parameters were within the permissible limits. The results indicate that water entered into the pond is safe for drinking.


12. A Logistics Center Order Picking and Replenishment Method: A Case Study
Gabriel David Pinto, Amit Nir, Avi Mizrahi
The main activities of most logistics centers are: (1) receiving materials from suppliers, (2) receiving orders from customers, (3) picking customer orders, (4) replenishment relocation, and (5) distribution of the orders. Order picking and replenishment activities have been reported to be two of the most labor-intensive activities and a source of significant waste. The purpose of this paper is to develop a generic strategy for improving the efficiency of activities (3) and (4) termed, a logistics center order picking and replenishment method (LCOPRM). Many studies simulate picking procedures using models that often make reductive assumptions about real events. The LCOPRM method requires real world order picking and replenishment applications rather than simulation models. The LCOPRM was tested in a large-scale logistics center for an office equipment retail company. The results show that by implementing the LCOPRM, the picking route for 51% of customer orders was minimized by 50%, the picking route for the other 49% of customer orders remained unchanged and the number of replenishment tasks was reduced by 38.75%. The findings identified through our analysis allow the implication of the LCOPRM by directing limited resources efficiently, and improving the performance measures of logistics centers.


13. Study of Water Hyacinth Occurs During Climate Change
Shubhangi A.Lakade, Sagar M.Gawande
As We know that Water hyacinth is one of the most free floating invasive plant which is widely spread over River side . As it is observed that Rate of growth of water hyacinth is also increases day by day. There are different factors which affects on growth of water hyacinth and impact on surrounding also. The performance of water hyacinth with respect to climate change is also changes now a days. As there are number of factors which leads to change in climate.


IJAREM: Current Issue (Volume 03 - No. 06, 2017) (Version-II)


1. Uncertain Data Analysis Using Possibilisic Linkage Model
Madhavi Kolukuluri, B.D.C.N. Prasad
Uncertainty is an unavoidable phenomenon in the real world data due to ambiguity and vagueness. Vagueness makes it difficult to make clear distinctions and Ambiguity is related to the problem of choosing the right one from few precise choices. Real world data lacks accuracy, completeness and efficiency and analyzing such data available in huge volumes is an essential task in real world applications. There are numerous applications that can handle uncertain data including Graphical models and linkage models, which is the most basic, common approach to process and deliver optimized outcomes from the Query processing. These models are generally represents either probabilistic based or plausibility based frameworks. In this paper we represent uncertain data using possibilistic linkage models.


Ashwini G V, Nayana M, Dr. Siva Yellampalli
Walsh codes are error correcting orthogonal codes with good cross correlation property. Because of this property they are used for error free communication. The Channel Identification in CDMA is one of the applications of Walsh sequence. This paper presents ATPG Test Architecture for 64-bit Walsh Sequence Generator. 10 scan chains are created using existing flops. For the experiment 100% fault coverage is achieved for static faults.


3. Design of Low Power Programmable Pseudo Random Pattern Generator with Test Compression Capabilities using FPGA
Sheela H, Nayana M, Dr. Siva Yellampalli
BIST is one of the DFT techniques, which has the capability to test itself. In BIST, the switching activity while scan loading contributes to the high power dissipation. This leads to increase in the overall power dissipation during the test. This paper presents a new programmable low power test compression method to reduce the switching activity during scan loading by using preselected toggling levels. This hybrid architecture results in low test power with the trade off of area. The 64 bit programmable PRPG is implemented and compared with the existing architecture. The proposed architecture resulted in approximately 25% to 30% power reduction when compared to existing architecture.


This study presents the speed control and torque ripple reduction for various speeds of switched reluctance motor. The developed control system consists of hybrid PID controller which maintains a constant electromagnetic torque. This proposed system has small speed ripple and produce fast response of SRM for various speeds.


5. Research on Bank Performance In Relation To Bank-Specific and Macro Variables
Mahrukh Sultan, Naukhaiz Chaudhary, Rushfa Riaz, Kiran Riaz
Banking industry remains a topic of interest as it contributes to the overall economy of any country. This study has been conducted to check the impact of bank-specific and macro level variables on the bank profitability. We use sample of Pakistani Banks listed in Pakistan Stock Exchange for the Period of 2007 to 2013 with 161 observations. In our study we take comparison between 3 models i.e. Pooled Effect model, Fixed Effect Model and Random Effect Model and also take three dependent variables. Result concluded that internal factors have significant impact on profitability of bank, however, the study fails to find such significant relationship between macro level indicators and bank profitability in Pakistani environment.


6. Geopolymer Concrete for Low Cost Construction
Raviprasad G, Ramesh S
The second most consumed product in the world is cement. It contributes nearly 7% of the global carbon dioxide emission. Geo-polymer concrete is a special type of concrete that is manufactured using industrial waste like fly ash and GGBS and red soil which are considered as a eco friendly and low cost construction material alternative to ordinary Portland cement (OPC) based concrete
This project mainly aims to reduce the cost of construction study of effect of fly ash (FY) ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) and red soil on the mechanical properties of geo polymer concrete (GPC) thy replaced cement and sand (FA33-GGBS22, RS66) using Sodium silicate(Na2SiO3), Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), Aluminium oxide(Al2O3) and Calcium sulphate (CaSO4) solutions as alkaline activators
Specimens were casted and curing in autoclave maximum temperature of 50-82*C period of 18 hours determined the mechanical properties of geo-polymer concrete. Test result shows the material percentage in GPC and mechanical properties of compressive strength and split tensile strength were increasing. speeds.


7. Analysis and Design of Institutional Building by Cype Software
Mahendra Swamy, Dr.Sridhar R, Amarnatha S N
Nowadays the building construction has become a major work which indicates the social progress of the county. In order to compete with the ever growing competent market it is very important for a structural engineer to save time. "CYPECAD" is one such software which has been used for analysis of complicated structures more efficiently and rapidly. The present project deals with the wind load analysis and design of a institutional building is Madhwa‟s wadiraj college of Engineering, Civil engineering block, Udupi, building consisting of 6 floors by considering wind load parameter using "CYPE software. The analyse and design of various structural elements of the structure has been carried out by wind load taken as per IS-875(Part -3),for dead load and live load taken as per IS-875(Part-1,Part-2) using CYPE software, design and detailing , reports of all Columns, Beams, Slabs, staircase taken from cypecad.


8. Contamination of Heavy Metals in Selected Green Leafy Vegetables Obtained From Various Metro City
L. K. Mahalakshmi, G. John Siddarth
Substantial metal levels in eleven leafy vegetables from different market yards in twin urban areas (Hyderabad and Secunderabad), Telangana, India.The samples were resolved utilizing atomic absorption spectrometry. The outcomes demonstrated that the levels of the Lead, Cadmium, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt and Nickel for the leafy vegetables individually were found to be 0.09±0.01 to 0.21±0.06; 0.03±0.01 to 0.09±0.00; 0.02±0.00 to 0.07±0.00; 0.01±0.00 to 0.10±0.00; 0.02±0.00 to 0.36±0.00 and 0.05±0.04 to 0.24±0.01 mg/kg respectively. These levels are similar with those accessible in the writing and inside mediocre breaking points of some dangerous metals. The levels of Pb and different metals were below the FAO/WHO suggested limits for metals in leafy vegetables. Low convergences of Pb and non-appearance of Cd in all the tests are signs that these plants contribute less harmful impacts of metals. The results show that, these leafy vegetables are the principle wellsprings of basic follow components. The day-by-day human admissions of metals have likewise been figured and were seen below prescribed values by the FAO/WHO.


9. Role of Behavioral Biases and Demographic Variables in Stock Market: A Cross Country Study
Mukti Katariya, Dr. Seema Joshi
Extreme volatility has plagued financial markets worldwide since the 2008 Global Crisis. Investors‟ sentiment has been one of the key determinants of market movements. In this context, studying the role played by emotions like fear, greed and anticipation, furthermore demographic variables like age, gender, income, education in shaping up investment decisions seemed important. Behavioral Finance is an evolving field that studies how psychological factors affect decision making under uncertainty. This research paper seeks to find the influence of certain identified behavioral biases: overconfidence, representativeness, herding, anchoring, cognitive dissonance, regret aversion, gamblers‟ fallacy, mental accounting, hindsight bias, loss averseness, risk tolerance, irrational thinking and demographic variables: gender, age, income, language and education, marital status, occupation, religion, and socio-professional category on the decision making process of individual investors in the Indian stock market.
Recent studies on the behavior of individual investors‟ have shown that investors do not act in a rational manner. Several behavioral factors influence their investment decisions in stock markets. The present study aims to review the research studies and literature of various country to gain knowledge about key factors that influence investment behavior in different countries and the ways these factors impact investment risk tolerance and decision making process among men and women and among different age groups.


10. Touch Sensitive E-Skin
P. Bhavasudha Vardhini
The advancement of technology has enabled various approaches for developing artificial organ such as artificial ears, lungs and bionic eyes, etc. The best achievement as well as future example of integrated electronics in medical field is Electronic skin (e-skin). It can be used as skin replacement for people who have skin trauma such as skin disease or robotic applications. This paper focuses on the e-skinto build a skin work similar to that of the human skin and also it is embedded with several sensations or the sense of touch acting on the skin. This skin is already being stitched together. It consists of millions of embedded electronic measuring devices: thermostats, pressure gauges, pollution detectors, cameras, microphones, glucose sensors. This device would enhance the new technology which is emerging and would greatly increase the usefulness of robotic probes in areas where the human cannot venture. The sensor could pave the way for a overabundance of new applications that can wirelessly monitor the vitals and body movements of a patient sending information directly to a computer that can log and store data to better assist in future decisions. This paper offers an insight view of the designing, developing, implementing and usage of e-skin.


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