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IJAREM: Volume 05 - No. 09, 2019


1. Evaluation of Critical Concentration of Nitrate and Phosphorus in Agricultural Soils of Guilan Province
Reza Yaghouby Rodkoly, Hussein Khalilov, Firuza Sultanzade
The quality of soil and arable land may be affected by the type of use as well as the long-term use of chemical fertilizers, and the washing of excess fertilizer chemicals causes concerns about the level of nitrate as well as phosphoric acid. Determining the concentration of these two elements in agricultural soils is important for many economic and environmental reasons. This research was conducted with the aim of determining the critical concentration of nitrate and phosphorus in gilly soils in Guilan province. In order to measure the quality and zoning of these two elements in terms of pollution and their spatial variation, 20 agricultural areas were sampled from 0 to 20 cm depth. Sampling and chemical analysis of soil samples were performed according to standard instructions. Then, using the obtained data, the correlation between the points of sampling by GS + software was performed and contamination was investigated by Kriging method for nitrate concentration and Olsen method for phosphorus concentration. Statistical analyzes were performed using SPSS software. The results show that the maximum concentration of nitrate measured in soil samples is 24 PPm and based on the critical limit of soil nitrate, which is 20-22 PPm, the concentration of nitrate in most samples is alarming but not reached the limit of its crisis. The maximum concentration of phosphorus measured in the studied soil samples, which was measured by the Olsen method, was 48.5 mg / kg soil, based on the critical limit of soil phosphorus by the method of 16 mg / kg, the concentration of phosphorus in most The samples are much higher than standard standards, meaning the concentration of phosphorus in these soils is critical.Pollination zonation shows that the highest concentration of nitrate in soil samples is related to areas that are used by farms and agricultural rivers to irrigate farms. Also, the highest concentration of soil phosphorus is related to the areas where fertilizers Chemical especially phosphorus fertilizers have been used.


2. The Interdependence of Monetary Policy and Stock Market
Anmol Jaiswal, Ms. Shefali Bahadur
Stock Market is a platform where stocks and securities are traded. It is very dynamic and comprehensive market place. Various tools and techniques like fundamental analysis, technical analysis, charts, and indices are used in analyzing and selecting the appropriate security. There are “n” numbers of factor that affect stock prices like interest rate announcements, indices, inflation rates, quarterly EBIT- EPS Analysis, interim reports, mergers and acquisitions, crude oil and gas inventories, corn and wheat harvests, unexpected world changing news, Fed Actions, G7 country decisions, Brexit, technology breakouts, exchange rates, etc.


3. A research on Stability of Trimaran designed for Da Nang region of Vietnam
Pham Truong Thi, Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang
The authors have been working on designing a passenger trimaran according the region of Da Nang City, Viet Nam and research on its stability is one of the needed steps, although we all know trimarans have superior stability compared to a mono-hull ship of the same size. In this paper, the authors used The Dargnies and the Krilov method to determine the stability of the designed trimaran. In thecaltulation process, the AutoCad software was applied to draw and to take the values of the ship’s stations areas, waterlines areas and the sinking partsvolumes.


4. Effect of Pirana dumping site on Hydrology of Ahmedabad
Pathik Kumar J. Bhatt and Nainesh R. Modi
Ahmedabad, Gujarat State is the 7th largest metropolis of India having a population of 60 lakhs and spread over an area of 466 sq. km and generating 3500 metric tons of solid waste on daily basis. This metropolitan city has two field dump sites, at Pirana it has been operated since 1980. The management and right direction disposal of the accumulated domestic solid waste is a crucial challenging task for the municipal and state government authorities. The effect of dumpsite on hydrology were assessed. Dumpsite leachate and groundwater samples were obtained and analysed for the following parameters.PH, Total Dissolved solids (TDS), CA, CL, Mg. The concentration of the analysed parameters for the dumpsite leachate could contaminate groundwater. The characteristics of leachate & its probable risks on groundwater pollution were investigated following the analysis of some chemical parameters of the leachate generated in the Pirana dumpsite, Ahmedabad, India. five samples of the groundwater were collected from the different locations around the Pirana dumpsite. The laboratory test results on groundwater samples show high concentration of TDS (1200 mg/lit), Calcium (75 mg/litre), PH (6.6-8.5), MG (30mg/litre), CL(250mg/litre) and have very high potential for contaminating ground. The data collected from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation shows high concentrations of TDS (2272 mg/litre), Chlorides (818 mg/lit).The surface water samples around the landfill site appear to be contaminated, most probably, the overflow of leachate. Groundwater parameters do not satisfy drinking water quality standard so it’s harmful if consummated without proper treatment. Biological treatment through Reverse Osmosis improves the quality of groundwater significantly. The water should be used for drinking or cooking but only after it is purification through RO system as it removes almost 95 % of the dissolved solids.


5. Social contradictions in the use of 3D Computer Graphics in the university education field
José Manuel Izquierdo Pardo, José Manuel Izquierdo Lao
This work aims to analyze some of the social contradictions related to the use of 3D Computer Graphics in society, with an emphasis on university education. This type of graphics is based epistemologically and the social impact that they have had, in the university education field, is analyzed, particularly in the training of the professionals of the Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. The deficiencies that are identified in this regard are revealed and the reflection on how this situation should be improved.


6. Research on the Application of flip classroom in Badminton optional course in Colleges and Universities
Flipping classroom has become a hot spot in the reform of physical education teaching mode in colleges and universities. taking badminton optional course in colleges and universities as an example, the feasibility and practical application of flipping classroom mode in badminton teaching are analyzed by means of literature, logical analysis and expert interview. The research shows that the teaching of badminton optional course in colleges and universities plays a great role in promoting the healthy development of college students by implementing the reverse classroom teaching mode in badminton teaching. With the rapid development of network technology, flip classroom is more and more widely used in school education. Flipping classroom teaching is an innovation to the traditional classroom teaching mode of badminton optional course in colleges and universities, which can not only show The author improves the classroom teaching efficiency and teaching quality of badminton optional course in colleges and universities, and can effectively promote students' self-study ability, inquiry ability and cooperative ability, and at the same time, it can also increase students' practice time in class, so as to achieve the purpose of improving teaching effect.


7. The Effect of Core Strength Training on Badminton Skills
Core strength training is an important training method, which has an important impact on many sports, including badminton. The training of core strength can effectively improve the batting skills of badminton. For rubbing and putting, hooking and picking, it can not only change the basic batting effect of badminton, but also make the physical function of athletes and badminton sports form a certain coordination. The actual batting efficiency will be quite high. This paper expounds the core strength training, studies the influence of core strength training on Badminton technology, aims to summarize a set of scientific and reasonable core strength training methods, to promote the improvement of players' physical fitness and the development of badminton.

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