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IJAREM: Volume 08 - No. 07, 2022


1. Mathematical Modeling, Design and Control of Hexacopter Maneuvers using Matlab Simulink Platform
Kirandeep Kaur, Er. Gurjit Singh
This work establishes the kinematics model of hexarotor helicopter by Newton Euler method, and obtains rotor lift model through experiment. For attitude and displacement control (roll, pitch and yaw maneuver’s) of hexarotor helicopter is achieved by adaptive control-optimization method in practical systems. Simulink models are generated for the control purpose. These are either models describing the physical system components for Simscape simulations or mathematical models of hexacopters for model validation or model based control design purposes. Other files involve environmental and gravitational effects in the simulation environment, system parameters and plotting functions. Sim Simulink is an extension of Matlab that allows for rapid and accurate building of computer models of dynamical systems using diagram notation. Using Simulink, new ideas are often easily integrated and tested immediately. Results of simulation and experiment show that proposed method can meet the stability and rapidity requirement of hexarotor helicopter control and has better robustness and real-time performance. Altitude, roll , pitch and yaw trajectories of the proposed model has been compared with the real time trajectories in which one has to maneuver in order to provide translational and altitude movements to the copter. It has been found that the proposed set up follows the desired trajectory with minor harmonic fluctuations when there is a shift from one maneuver to another.














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