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IJAREM: Volume 03 - No. 04, 2017 (Version - I)


1. Alternative Option Pricing Models: A Review
Gita Madhuri, Ashok Patil
A considerable progress has been made in the literature on volatility modelling and option pricing. The performance of different option pricing models is tested based on their accuracy of pricing and internal consistency of implied volatility in the presence of relevant time series data. This paper reviews alternative option pricing models categorizing them as deterministic and stochastic volatility models. The paper attempts to discuss theoretical characteristics of different option pricing models.


2. Uncertain Data Representaion using Fuzzy Database Model
P. E. S. N Krishna Prasad, K. Madhavi, B D C N Prasad
Uncertain data is inherent in many important applications such as Data Integration, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks, Mobile Networks, Path finding in games, Stock Market Data analysis, Biomedical Data analysis and Clinical Data, Social and Economical Research. Analysis of large collections of uncertain data is a primary task in these applications, because data is incomplete inaccurate and inefficient. Ranking queries are the most natural and useful in analyzing uncertain data. In this paper, we proposes the representation of Uncertain Data model into fuzzy database model and vice versa for the process of uncertain data using various data models such as possibilistic linkage model, possibilistic Graphical models and Data streams. This paper presents about graphical models and representation of fuzzy data model using possibility theory.


Miss. Yogini .V. Deore, Prof. J.R.Mahajan, Mr. Vinay Patil, Mr. Balasaheb Ugale
Sugarcane crushing is an important activity and maximum insistence nowadays is on speed, maximum extraction without losses, and easy collection of residual material which can be used as organic compost. Sugarcane crushing is carried out in sugar mills with large capacity rollers mounted on shafts and this complete assembly called as Headstock. Knuckle joint is a joint between two parts allowing movement in one plane only. However the entire assemble is manufactured using casting, and typically these brittle materials have a high chance of failure if there is a stress concentration as certain locations. Knuckle joint is a major component of Headstock of sugar mill which is used to two rods between each other. It experiences maximum shear and tensile stresses due to heavy weight of Headstock. Hence in order to find stresses in headstock, one must find out stresses in knuckle joint. The FEA Analysis of Knuckle joint is done and various shear and tensile stresses results are plotted. The Analytical solution of knuckle joint is found out using standard calculations. Now, these results are validated by theoretical calculations available for knuckle joint. The force applied knuckle joint is 50 KN .The diameter of pin is proposed to be around 30 mm. The stress results by theoretical calculations and FEA software are validated. This proves that the FEA software results are correct. Secondly it also shows that certain high stresses are generated near knuckle joints and this result are helpful for further analysis of Headstock for reducing the stresses, increasing life and reliability of headstock.


4. An Exploratory Study on Do- It -Yourself Kits
Dr. Deepa Nair, Prof Shatabdi Das, Prof B V R Murty
DIY is defined as "activities in which individual engage raw and semi-raw materials and component parts to produce, transform or reconstruct material possessions, including those drawn from the natural environment." The Practice or hobby of building or repairing things for oneself, usually in one‟s own home can be defined as a "Do-It Yourself". This study will primarily focus on DIY product categories. The DIY Home Tools is actually a combination of small hand tools and power tools put together for the convenience of the consumers.Online presence is driving the growth of the global DIY market. The objective of this study isto understand present online market both outside India and within India along with the potential for DIY Kits .


5. Role of Cloud computing in education system: a study in Special reference for Technical Education
Dr. Mukund kale, Prof. Anagha Vivek Dudgikar
Cloud computing is an emerging technology in IT sector. It has received increasing interest from many industries to improve their agility to fulfill dynamic business needs.
Education sector too is not an exception as cloud computing provides promising benefits in terms of technology, scalable computing resources, sustainability etc. Cloud computing is also capable of providing cost effective solution in education sector.
This paper presents a critical review of published research literature on cloud computing, that covers the current key issues of cloud computing adoption in education sector, technical education in particular. It surveys scenarios of cloud computing deployments in foreign and Indian education institutes. Towards the end, the paper also provides cloud service providers perspective about deployment issues in Education sector. The paper concludes by highlighting key areas for research in cloud computing in education.


6. Android based Vehicle Tracking, Management And Diagnostic System
Sandeep J Kadam, Ashwin Mahire, Akshit Darda, Ganesh Kolekar Prof. S. V. Phulari
In this paper, we have worked for enhancing security for vehicles , advanced vehicle tracking, management and diagnostic system based on Arduino circuit board and sensors.An android application is designed and implemented for monitoring all these parameters. In this report, we are tracking vehicle location using GPS , we are using anti-theft sensor for vehicle safety. We also included vehicle maintenance indicator on Smartphone application. We have also worked on cashless payment for repairing damage parts of vehicle for promoting digital India initiative.


7. A Study on Primary Market in Aurangabad With Reference To Capital Market
Tanuja V. Dubey
In today‟s modern period every person want to earn extra income for which they invest their money or saving in different investment instrument and make profit from it. But sometimes investor makes mistake in choosing their investment avenues and makes wrong decision. Due to which they have to suffer a huge loss. So therefore it is necessary that investor should be rational (aware) about the market and its current position and according to it take a right decision and invest in proper investment avenues.
In this paper, we are going to see the investment pattern, personal factors of investor towards investment decision making in primary market with reference to capital market in Aurangabad. Primary market is the part of capital market where issue of new securities takes place. Public sector institutions, companies and governments obtain funds for further growth of the company after the sale of their securities or bonds in primary market.
We also see that what are the various reason that influence investors make wrong investment decisions, or errors in their investment decision. A survey is being conducted and applied in the studies. A questionnaire is investing their money in different investment avenues, like shares, banks, insurance, government securities, Gold and so on.. Primary data was collected and analyzed using statistical and research tools. Three hypotheses were made in the study & hypothesis was done using ANOVAs co-relation test and chi square by IBM-SPSS software.


8. Effect of cadmium sulfide nanoparticles on electrical properties of polymer photovoltaic cell
S. Malik, Fatin Hana Naning & Azyuni Aziz
It has been known that by integrating semiconductor nanoparticles into a conjugated polymer films, the efficiency of the device increase significantly. This is due to their unique combined advantage of physical and optical properties. In this work, we propose a simple but yet promising bottom-up method for synthesis and embed the semiconductor nanoparticles inside the polymeric matrixes. The nanoparticles were grown by in-situ formation of the CdS nanoparticles inside a conjugated polymer films by exposing the films to the H2S environment for several hours. The existence of CdS nanoparticles was confirmed by FESEM and EDX. The particle sizes were in the range of several nanometers, which suggests that their growth were restricted by the polymer chain. The existence of CdS nanoparticles effects the electrical properties of the polymer solar cell.


9. Digital Filtering In Hearing Aid System
R. Priya Darsini, Ch.V. Naga Lakshmi, G. Madhulika
The huge scale of human population suffers from hearing loss. Hearing loss is a measure of shift in auditory system compared to that of normal ear for detection of a pure tone. But with the dexterity of modern technologies and the recent developments in signal processing area, the artificial hearing aid systems can be designed that to help the damaged auditory systems to a great extent and make much of the sound audible to the hearing impaired. In this project, the MATLAB programming language is used for development of simulation of the simple digital hearing. The construction of this digital hearing aid (DHA) system consists of noise reduction filter, frequency dependent amplification and amplitude compression. By testing with patient, successfully reduced whiteGaussian noise,increased the gain for frequencies which were difficult to hear and shaped the amplitude to prevent any of the frequencies from being too loud. At last, future trends and expected innovations in hearing aid system are described.


10. Drivers and barriers of Information and communication technology (ICT) adoption among Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Anshu Rani
In spite of exponential growth of Information technology(IT), the rate of adoption of IT by SMEs has remained relatively low. The purpose of this paper is to propose drivers of Information and communication technology (ICT) adoption among Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) especially in developing countries like India. Further barriers of ICT adoption can be determined. This conceptual study is undertaken to consolidate the available information into a Model that can facilitate further empirical studies. A critical analysis has been performed to conclude. ICT adoption provides a low cost yet effective tool.The findings indicates both External and Internal factors for ICT Adoption like Competitiveness, Industry specific demand, Government policies, Resources, Attitude of top management, staff attitude and readiness and barriers if these factors are not favourable. Future research areas are also specified by the author .The finding will benefit valuable insight to Marketers and policies makers of SMEs to know the benefits and barriers of ICT adoption. This study will benefit the body of knowledge by addressing challenges faced by SMEs on ICT adoption in their business process because SMEs contribute significantly in economy.


Sai Vaishnavi Kolekar, Muthappa.K.J, Prof. Gowtham Prasad M.E, Prof. Shruthi H. G, Prof. Shivaprasad H, Prof. Nagaraj Sita Ram
Hydrologic simulation employing computer models has advanced, and computerized models that have become essential tool for understanding human influences on river flows and designing ecologically sustainable water management approaches. The HEC-HMS is a reliable model developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (1998) that could be used for many hydrological simulations. The model parameter estimation on a regional scale is possible and this enables the hydrology community to switch over to watershed models like HEC-HMS (the Snyder unit hydrograph method and the Clark unit hydrograph method) and take advantage of such high speed computer programs instead of sticking to the traditional spreadsheet exercises. With this in view, this study has been undertaken to make a comparative study of hydrological models available for Western Ghats and the solution generated by HEC-HMS.HEC- HMS model is able to simulate precipitation-runoff and routing processes in both natural and controlled environment. HEC-HMS is a relatively simple conceptual model and has successfully been implemented worldwide by many researchers. It is good for simulation of peak flow as compared to Revitalised Flood Hydrograph (REFH) model because of semi-distributed modelling concept.


Volume 03 - No. 04, 2017 (Version - II)


1. HRD Strategies: A Good Predictor of the Medical Professionals' Performance
Dr. G.D.Gidwani, Ms. Preeti Naik, Mr. N.K. Totala
Proper management of human resources is critical in providing a high quality of health care. A refocus on human resources management in health care and more research are needed to develop new policies. Effective human resources management strategies are greatly needed to achieve better outcomes from and access to health care in Hospital Organizations. Human resources, when pertaining to health care, can be defined as the different kinds of clinical and non-clinical staff responsible for public and individual health intervention. As arguably the most important of the health system inputs, the performance and the benefits the system can deliver depend largely upon the knowledge, skills and motivation of those individuals responsible for delivering health services.


2. Selection of Mechanism and Fabrication of Eddy Current Braking System for High Speed Automobiles
Nagesh N, K Ganesh, Naveen Kumar
All vehicles need a braking system, therefore it has been there in the automobile since its invention. However, the technology of the components and design of braking system have involved throughout the years. In the present work of eddy current brake system we are using eddy current force to retard the rotating aluminum disc. This is achieved with the help of permanent magnets which is attached to the aluminum supports on either side of the disc. These magnets are made to slide to the required position with the help of screw and nuts. This type of braking system is used as internal retards in the real time applications such as high speed trains and roller coasters. To stop the motion of the vehicle completely a regenerative braking system is used hence eddy current braking system cannot be used for passenger car vehicles.
All the components of our project are made up of aluminum because of its light weight and it is avery good conductor of electricity. A total of 25 experiments are conducted with five different distances and different speed of disc which helped us to obtain optimal distance and the speed.


3. The feasibility of incineration on Solid Waste Management in Puducherry –A Case Study
J. Sukumar, J.Arunachalam, Dr.M.Rajamanickam
The paper presents a case study focused on waste generation, the feasibility of incineration on Solid Waste Management in Puducherry. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is one of the curses for generation and later causing pollution to the environment along with other sources of pollution, especially in developing countries. with improper management plans, starting from collection of waste to dumping in the site, the problems due to MSW will be aggravated many times in the form of contaminating the surrounding soil, land, air and water (both surface as well as groundwater) in years to come. The present research pointed out current MSW in Puducherry and projected population, characterization of soil profile at Karuvadikuppam and Kurumbapet dumping sites. The study reveal that the establishment of incineration plant used for reducing of solid waste in Puducherry territory.


4. Hardness study of cesium chloride doped L-threonine single crystal for optical device applications
Single crystal of cesium chloride doped L-threonine (LTCC) was grown by employing slow solvent evaporation of solution growth method at room temperature. An attempt has been made to evaluate the mechanical properties such as Hardness number (Hv), Elastic stiffness constant (C11), Yield strength (σV). The hardness value increases with increasing time of indentation at constant load 5g.


Dr. Priyanka Arora
Industrial development significantly contributes towards economic growth. However industrial progress brings along with it a host of environmental problems. Many of these problems could be avoided if industries focus on sustainable development, and go for constructive criticism for their work, which can be done with the help of Environmental Audit. Environmental Audit is intended to measure the impact of an organisation's operations on the environment, against a predetermined set of criteria and so far as is possible to assess them in terms of costs. This paper tries to bring out the concept of Environmental Audit its importance and its position in India.


6. Assessing the extent of quality service delivery in the life insurance sector in Zimbabwe – A case of life insurance companies in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Reason Masengu, Patrick Fungirai Chitambwe
The purpose of this paper was to explore the service quality delivery between customers' expectation and perception of service quality delivery (customer satisfaction /dissatisfaction) of the life insurance in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The SERVQUAL scale for measuring service quality was used to measure service quality in life insurance five-dimensional structure (Tangibles, Reliability, Empathy, Assurance and Responsiveness). The research used a qualitative research design and the respondents were chosen purposively.Questionnaires and interviews were used as research instruments. Questionnaires were distributed to 200 insurance company customers. Interviews were held with 36 insurance company managers and agents. The findings were that customer expectations are greater than perceived service and there is a gap between customer expectations and perceived service. It was recommended that insurance companies should understand the customer expectations so as to deliver customer perceptions.


Prof. Abhijit G. Kalbande
Small satellites are becoming increasingly popular due to their low cost, minimized volume, reduced design and advance time and then digital filters are the essential part of satellite communications, modern wireless communications and electronic system because it can eliminate the harmful constituent from signal.[9] Small satellite's dimensions and mass does not differ from large ones, including practically the same functions. Classical satellites are large, expensive and process of their building lasts for many years and therefore small satellites are playing a very important role in the field of remote sensing, navigation and surveillance and it necessities the use of commercial off the shelf (COTS) elements so they can be used in a lot of applications such as earth observation, education, military applications, distance learning, telemedicine, universal access, disaster recovery and television transmission in many tropical regions[5]. The frequency band used in this system is C band because they are mainly used for numerous Asian countries. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is one of the fields where developments are taking place at faster rate. The DSP applications demand high speed and low power digital filters. In order to meet these requirements, the order of the digital filter must be kept as small as possible. There are various sophisticated Computer Aided Design tools are available to make the digital filter fast and power efficient. Filter design and analysis tool (FDA) is one of the Computer Aided Design tool available with MATLAB which enables design of the digital filter blocks faster and more accurate.


8. Completely Informed Artificial Bee Colony for Multimodal Optimization Problems
Zakir Hussain, Syed Raziuddin
Complex multimodal optimization problem have been studied for proposing a novel alternative Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm. The alternate is known to be Completely Informed Artificial Bee Colony (CABC) enhances the method of sharing the information to improve the quality of service. In order to maintain the consistent solution generated by the iterations, external archive is incorporated with CABC. Complete analysis of our method is executed on standard benchmark problems with higher dimensions (10, 30, 50 & 100) optimization problems. Performance of suitability, convergence rate and robustness of the proposed technique is evaluated. We obtain better and competitive results compared with the existing algorithms.


The purpose of this paper is to make a comparative study on bandwidth enhancement techniques of impedance matching networks that help to overcome the bandwidth constraint of transmission line. Impedance matching between transmission lines and antennas is an important and fundamental concept in microwave theory. As it achieve maximum power transfer. It is frequently performed with Smith charts. In many cases, loads and termination for transmission lines in practical will not have impedance equal to the characteristic impedance of the transmission line. This result in high reflections of wave transverse in the transmission line and correspondingly a high VSWR due to standing wave formations, so to overcome this, is to introduce an arrangement of transmission line with matching network.


10. Qualityand economic analysis of a double sloped solar still for household use in Kilifi County, Kenya
KaranjaB.K; Kamau J.N; Kinyua. R
Kilifi County, Kenya has encountered persistent water problems due to many factors like rapid population growth, poor maintenance of existing water supply networks, water salinity due to seawater intrusion, pollution from numerous pit latrines and septic tanks in the towns , high levels of humidity and temperature which causes dehydration to the residents.Solar energy is clean, unlimited and very economic source of energy available to residents free of charge. Neither is sea water scarce in Kilifi due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean nor brackish water from boreholes and wells due to high water table levels. Double slope solar still uses the principle of evaporation and condensation to produce distilled water.The designed double slope solar still hada basin area of 1m2and glass cover inclined at 150withan orientation in north-south direction. Materials used for fabrication were block board and normal window glass of 4mm which are locally available. An experimental investigation on a double slope solar still was carried out to examine the quality of water underKilifi county climatic conditions. Ambient temperatures, solar irradiation, relative humidity and water output were recorded. Water samples were analyzed for physical, chemical and bacteriological parameters (appearance, color, odor, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness and chloride content). The results obtained agreed with the standard values as prescribed by WHO and Kenya standards.The fabrication cost was found to be Kshs 9,350 with economic analysis showing that the designed and fabricated double slope solar still is an economic viable and feasible project with high Internal rate of return, saving to investment ratio ,positive net present value and a short payback period of less than 6 months. The double slope solar still is found to produce safe and clean water at a cheap cost ofaround Kshs 4.89 per liter andthus recommended for use inthe local households.


Volume 03 - No. 04, 2017 (Version - III)


1. Comparison Of Interturn and Turn to turn fault in Transformer By SFRA Method
Prajakta Vinchurkar, Prof Bushra Khan
Any failures in the equipments like Power Transformer directly reduce network reliability and increase maintenance costs. Consequently, the preventive maintenance techniques are increasingly developed. Various faults occur in transformer winding. This paper is related to the displacement of windings that occurs due to turn to turn and interturn fault. The thermal, electrical and mechanical stresses exerts radial and axial forces on the transformer windings. In this regard, frequency response analysis is an appropriate method in order to diagnose any change which occurs in transformer physical construction. This contribution has been concentrated on fault diagnosis by use of Frequency Response Analysis (FRA). The sweep frequency response analysis can detect the fault occurring in transformer by comparing the reference set and the fault condition. The results are very worthwhile to better understand how behave transformer frequency responses due to various faults. These obtained results can be very interesting and usable for maintenance engineers to find the occurred fault


2. Morphometric Analysis and Runoff Estimation of Harangi Command Area
Amulya T H M, Rekha A M
Land and water are the two vital natural resources, the optimal management of these resources with minimum adverse environmental impact are essential not only for sustainable development but also for human survival. Satellite remote sensing with geographic information system has a pragmatic approach to map and generate spatial input layers of predicting response behavior and yield of watershed. Hence, in the present study an attempt has been made to understand the hydrological process of the command area at the watershed level by drawing the inferences from morphometric analysis and runoff. The study area chosen for the present study is Harangi command area situated in Mysore and Kodagu district lies geographically at a between 75°30'24.834"E and 76°2'42.365"E latitude and 12°29'34.304"N and 12°10'55.506"N longitude. It covers an area of 1141.403 Sq.km. Morphometric analysis is carried out to estimate morphometric parameters at Micro-watershed to understand the hydrological response of the command area at the Micro-watershed level. Daily runoff is estimated using USDA SCS curve number model for a period of 15 years from 2000 to 2014. The rainfall runoff relationship of the study shows there is a positive correlation. The runoff estimation carried out by using SCS curve number method will help in proper planning and management of catchment yield for better planning of river basin.


3. Beagle Bone Black (BBB) Powered Data Concentrator for Smart Health Monitoring System
Komal Dilip Patil, Vasundhara Jahagirdar, Hemant Kamat
Healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in human. It is one of the most promising applications of information technology. The Telemedical systems focus on the measurement and evaluation of vital parameters, e.g. ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, EEG, pulse oximetry, plethysmography and fall detection. The system described in this paper presents a personal healthcare system that is both flexible and scalable. Employing embedded wearable low-power sensors, the system measures health parameters dynamically. For wireless transmission, these sensors are connected to the data concentrator through ESP8266 Wi-Fi module .Beagle bone black (BBB) is used as a data concentrator or sensor node. The main task of Data Concentrators is to collect data which is originated from any devices in the network that is connected via wired or wireless interfaces and protocols. In this work, a system is designed to continuously monitor the physical health of an individual, the Electrocardiogram (EEG) and other vital parameters. This data is stored in a database and can be displayed in a website that can be accessed only by authorized personnel. This idea is familiar however; this paper presents a substantive and inexpensive method using BBB. The primary task of this system is to update the data to the database and alert the doctors for any aberrancy.


Ramya Krishna K.N, Nithin Raghavendra M.S, Prajna S.P, Prasadgowda C, Gowtham Prasad M.E, Shruthi H.G, Shivaprasad H
Floor and roof systems are designed to carry gravity loads and transfer these loads to supporting beams, columns or walls. Furthermore, they play a key role in distributing earthquake-induced loads to the lateral load resisting systems by diaphragm action. In current practice, horizontal diaphragms are typically assumed to rigid, thus in reinforced concrete buildings the in-plane flexibility of the floor diaphragms is often ignored for simplicity in practical design. This flexibility also increases the lateral load transfer to frames that were not design to carry theses additional lateral loads based on a rigid diaphragm model. If this effect is sizable, it can lead to overloading of structural elements. While a rigid diaphragm model seems reasonable for structures that are nearly square, additional information is needed to determine the minimum aspect ratio for which a flexible diaphragm model should be used in analysis and design of RC structures. This study involves the analysis of influence of diaphragm including their openings on the seismic response of reinforced concrete buildings i.e., 5-story reinforced concrete buildings with plan aspect ratios 1:3 and 1:4 in seismic zone V designed as a Building Frame System according to the Indian Standard Codes. The buildings with semi-rigid diaphragm case exhibits higher displacements, story drifts and larger distribution of lateral loads to middle frames compared to rigid diaphragm models. The overall performances of all the case study buildings were good. The effects of openings in both rigid and semi-rigid cases are negligible.


5. Synthesis and Characterization of Biodegradable Polymer Nanocomposite
Dr. M.S.Murali, Mr.Hareesh A, Balaji.R, Deepak.M, K.V.Dilip Kumar, Manoj.V.Reddy
PLA(Poly lactic acid), well known biodegradable polymers, has been widely used in packaging, drug delivery, tissue engineering and human medicine. Due to its broadened applications, this processing would be potential substitute for petroleum products. Nanocomposites composed of organoclay and PLA and additives was prepared by solvent casting method. PLA is synthesized by ring opening polymerization/ polycondensation method. Mechanical, thermal and microstructure and FT-IR properties of the composites were studied.


6. ARM Controller Based Earthquake & Flood Detection and Alert System (EFDAS)
A.R.Jadhav, Gaurav.S.Gaikwad, Amol.B.Chavan, Kavaljeet.K.Tivale, Aniket.D.Patil
Disasters like earthquakes, floods can cause significant damage to the population nearby. Most of the time, people in affected area do not take any precautions as they are not aware of the occurrence of disaster. The system focuses on monitoring water level & earth vibrations via sensors, & generates alert signal when water level or level of earth vibrations crosses a threshold. System gives alert message to the concerned authorities through their mobile phones (SMS) and to the local people, nearby the river side. The module can also display real time status of water level on display.


7. Matlab Simulation for Generation and Performance Analysis of Gold Codes in CDMA
Abdulla Alabdullatif, Bandar Ayed, Sulaiman Khaled, Fawaz Ali, Mansour Ghazai, Khaleel Anwar Mahammed
In communication, SS plays a vital role in practical application like mobile communication in CDMA because it has advantage like noise immunity.Spread spectrum technique may be a digital pass band technique.Some good codes are used bySS modulation and demodulation schemes.At the channel the signal with noise gets jammed and results in transmission problem. So, this paper depicts PN codes for the development of gold codes with accuracy. These codes ought to be well arranged to the message signal. This sequence which is developed as the spreaded signal for the transmission process in CDMA shall contain the noise immunity property. Received signal from the transmission process is despreaded in receiver. Designed sequence with similar gold codes acclimated to redesign the baseband signal. For the above mentioned process Matlab simulation programming has been adopted


8. Noise Removal in Thermal Image for Skin Disease Detection
Jay Prakash
new approach is proposed to distinguish the disease of skin from thermal camera imaging. The thermal camera captures the temperature distribution of skin and is employed in various medical applications. The method is based on the disease detection with self- organized neural network and features of the disease image. As the thermal images are more affecting with noise, so in this paper we present an algorithm to remove the noise present in the image. In thermal camera imaging, the selection of filter depends on the purpose of the processing, e.g. edge detection or detection of objects in complex images. Noise filter processes are proceeding in two steps. First detect the noise of the thermal image and second detecting only the noise affected point of the image and use noise removal technique for noise separation from thermal image. In this paper we are using Fast Median Base Filter to detect noisy pixels. This process is fast as compare to normal filter. The performance of filter was evaluated using peak signal to noise ratio and mean absolute error. The experimental results are shown from the similar types of skin disease database.


9. Experimental Analysis of joining two dissimilar metal using plasma arc & gas welding
Deepak.S, Samiyappan.R, Nizamudeen.N, Murali.L, Rajesh.T
Joining of dissimilar metals has found its use extensively in power generation, electronic, nuclear reactors, petrochemical and chemical industries The dissimilar metal joints of have been emerged as a structural material for various industrial applications which provides good combination of mechanical properties like strength, corrosion resistance with lower cost. Selections of joining process for such a material are difficult because of their physical and chemical properties. The 304 stainless steel and 1020 mild steel dissimilar material joints are very common structural applications joining of stainless steel and mild steel is very critical because of carbon precipitation and loss of chromium leads to increase in porosity affects the quality of joint leads deteriorate strength. The dissimilar metals is joining process is very difficult. Because two different materials to be welded not easy. The mild steel and stainless steel is used for welded process. The gas welding and plasma arc welded used this process .it is highly temp process used this process .thus the material reduce the corrosion resistance and increases the strength of metals


10. A Review on Life Cycle Cost Assessment of RC Structure Subjected to Corrosion
Thanup NT, R.Sridhar
Corrosion of embedded reinforcement is one of the major problems that contribute to deterioration of structural concrete. The actions of corrosive environment, cyclic loading and concrete cracking lead to structural degradation. The interaction between these conditions can only be taken into account when modeling the coupled phenomena. Furthermore, corrosion, fatigue and crack propagation are phenomena affected by high uncertainties, where deterministic methods fail to predict accurately the structural life. In this paper, the Review has been done on life cost assessment investigations done by the prominent researchers.


Priyanka R Dhumal, Pranjali A. Chiwhane
The present paper focuses on the concepts of hydraulic flood routing model, with time-varying roughness updating to simulate flows through natural channels, based on the quasi-steady dynamic wave and full dynamic wave theory, emphasizing the solving of the intricate Saint Venant's equation (continuity & momentum equation). A real case study of Dynamic wave routing through HEC-RAS has been dealt with reaches (XS 68 to Karad (chainage 120 km) & Xs 223 to Karad – Kurundwad) in Krishna River. The technique provides a reliable initialization of stage/discharge profile for the flood mapping. The examinations including the initialization of stage profile, conservation of mass, iteration convergence, Manning's N, effectiveness evaluation, and convergence with optimum theta (implicit weighing factor) values are conducted to verify the flood mapping and in validating the model. The result of the hydraulic model shows that the value of simulated discharge is nearly equal to the actual calculated value of discharge by area velocity method at Kurundwad (X-section_10) (0100 hrs on 28th July, 2010, i.e., end of simulation period).


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